Indiana Runner’s New Look


The NEW look, Indiana Runner!

By Drake Sterling



First of all, thank you to all the devoted IR fans and followers out there! We have experienced such a positive outpour since our management change last May. We hope that we continue to please you in the future with our coverage of the State’s High School running scene.


You may remember last summer when we did a pretty major front page renovation. The response was very positive and we were happy with our changes.


This time around, however, we didn’t have a choice. Our web design service we had been using for the past couple years was being discontinued for a new, updated version. The problem lied in the fact that there was no way of completing a seamless transition to the new service without completely transferring all data (stories, pictures, etc.) manually. As you might imagine, the amount of data we had posted and saved over the course of the last few years was pretty large.


We took the opportunity to explore all our options regarding a web design service. We settled on a service which myself and our new custom web designer, Kyle Beasley, are new to, but learning quickly. The switch, which takes place on May 1st officially, will not be 100% complete for a short while. Until then, the basics that most of you come to IR for will still be accessible. Archived stories and other pages will be added slowly in the near future.


Our goal in creating the new site was to not only please the eye, but also to make the site less confusing and more systematic in its navigation. Below you will find a quick tip guide to navigating through our new front page. As mentioned earlier, not all links will work immediately, but bear with us as we transition all our data.

1. New “Message Board” Link: You should be able to quickly locate our new link to our always popular message boards. Take a look to the far left of the navigation bar where you will see the yellow highlighted “Message Boards” link. The message boards have always been our “Bread and Butter” since the beginning IR days. Always check back for interesting topics, results, and gossip.


2.  Gone are the days of the confusing and excessive navigation bar: We combined all our previous tabs into just a few general tabs with more cascading options. The Rankings tab will soon include our State-wide Rankings, Small School Polls, and during Cross Country will also include our Cross Country Preseason Top 50, Preseason All-State, and Semi-State Rankings. Our Contact Us page will include our Staff, About Us, and Contact Us page. Staff Article Archives will be the place to go to view all previous articles and stories written or reported by our Staff. Seasonal tabs such as the IR Distance Showcase, Fantasy Cross Country, and Merchandise will be hidden until they are determined items of interest again.


3Our new “Featured Stories” slider will highlight our latest and hottest topics: New stories will automatically be pulled for the slider and featured as the main picture on the front page. After stories are taken off the Featured Stories, they will be moved to the Staff Article Archives page. Simply click on the story you want to read and you will be taken directly to the article!


4.       Easy access to our Social Networking Options: You will now see in the top right corner our links directly to our Facebook, Twitter (@IndianaRunner), and YouTube (IndianaRunnerdotcom) pages. Make sure you follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for Live up to date results, storylines, and also other cool features. Also, scrolling atop the main portion of the page you will find our latest Tweet pulled directly from our Twitter page. We will also upload all race videos we capture onto our YouTube page.


 5.       The “Search” Option: Also in the top right corner of the front page, you will find a Search Box. Looking for a story from 2010 on a certain athlete? Or want to see where your name or school might have been featured in the past? Type your query into the search box and see what comes up!


 6.       Flash Sponsor Banners: Our boring old sponsor banners have been revamped to catch your attention through our flash software! Featured in both banners will be two of our main sponsors who we want to make sure get all the publicity they deserve for helping support our site!


 7.       The Rest is Pretty Self Explanatory: Simply click on our College Commitments, Power Rankings, or Photo of the Week to view the corresponding story. Make sure you check back every once in a while to our Results and Photo’s page for more coverage provided by our site. Lastly, as in the past, our Athlete Training Blogs tab will be linked to our weekly updated Blogs created and written by some the State’s top athletes!




We sincerely hope you enjoy to the new look. The coverage and staff will be the same as always. All that is changing is our “look” which we think you will find much easier to navigate and friendlier on the eyes. Thank you for sticking with us through the change!













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