October 29th – Boys State Meet Preview

By: Drake Sterling

As the 69th Annual Boys IHSAA State Meet approaches this Saturday, we as fans, parents, coaches, and athletes of the sport have a lot to be excited about. Both the individual championship and the team championship are wide open with many contenders awaiting. Below, we’ll go into more detail on who you can expect to see up front and who may surprise you.

Team Preview

Championship Contenders:

#1 Carmel Greyhounds
– The Greyhounds took over the #1 ranking mid-season and have shot down every contender they’ve faced since. This season, they were Hamilton County, Terre Haute Savings Bank, Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference, Sectional, Regional, and Semi-State Champions. Carmel features the individual favorite, Ben Veatch who was the Carmel Semi-State Champion. At worst, Veatch looks to give the Greyhound a top 5 stick. Behind him, the key will be getting 1-2 more runners in All-State position. Their depth is on par with the other top teams through their #7.

Coach: Colin Altevogt
Recent State Meet History:
1st (2013), 1st (2012), 3rd (2011)
State Meet Appearances: 41Best Finish: 1st (1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1987, 1988, 1993, 1996, 2008, 2012, 2013)

#2 West Lafayette Red Devils
– The Red Devils are a major threat to Carmel as they have already taken them down twice this season. West Lafayette was the Carmel Distance Medley, City-County Meet, Harrison Invite, New Prairie AA Invite, Sectional, Regional, and Semi-State Champions. Like Carmel, their #1 runner, Cooper Williams is a near lock for a top 5 position. Like Carmel also, the key for the Red Devils will be their #2 and #3 runners. If they can hang with Carmel at those positions, their #4 and #5 have been arguably better at times.

Coach: Steve Lewark
Recent State Meet History: 9th (2013), 17th (2012)
State Meet Appearances: 13
Best Finish: 1st (1964)

#3 Columbus North Bulldogs –
The Bulldogs are the only other team in Indiana to take down Carmel this season. This season, they succeeded as Eagle Classic, FlashRock, Sectional, Regional, and Semi-State Champions. Columbus North actually has the best #2 of the above mentioned teams. That is where this team can do a lot of damage. They may need that cushion as their #4 and #5 aren’t quite as strong on paper as #1 and #2.

Coach: Rick Weinheimer
Recent State Meet History: 2nd (2013), 6th (2012), 1st (2011)
State Meet Appearances: 19
Best Finish: 1st (2002, 2003, 2009, 2010, 2011)

#4 Bloomington South Panthers
– The Panthers have been in the mix all season with rivals Bloomington North and Columbus North. They have held up really well on most occasions. Bloomington South was New Haven Invitational Champions this season. Featuring Anthony Williams up front who on any given day can run with anyone in the State, Bloomington South has a low stick. They also have a essential All-State lock in Evan Franklin. #3 runner Xavier Martinez came up big at Semi-State, getting through the chute before Columbus North and Bloomington North’s #3 runners. They key for the Panthers will be their #5 runner. They have multiple runners on the roster who can step in and close the door for the team. It shouldn’t be too hard for one to run the race they need.

Coach: Larry Williams
Recent State Meet History: 6th (2013), 12th (2012), 11th (2011)
State Meet Appearances: 24
Best Finish: 4th (1976, 1981)

#5 Brebeuf Jesuit Braves
– The Braves have been one of the biggest surprises this season after their breakthrough 4th place finish in 2013. The Braves are identical to Carmel and West Lafayette through their 3rd runner. Leader Zack Snider will give the team a top stick while Senior Ryan Dvornik, and Junior David Coffey look to sneak inside the top 25. Their number 4 and 5 runners have really impressed this season, showing consistency and improvement almost every week. Those two will be tasked with matching the 4 and 5 runners of the teams above which will be no easy feat. The Braves in 2014 were Harvey Invitational, Marion Invitational, All-Catholic Meet, and Marion County Champions.

Coach: Karl Knerr
Recent State Meet History: 4th (2013)
State Meet Appearances: 2
Best Finish: 4th (2013)

#9 Bloomington North Cougars –
The Cougars may be the silent killers of the other teams in this section. Bloomington North has maybe the most talent in the field. Up front, they have a 1/2 combo few can match in Tichenor and Arthur. Additionally, they have possibly the strongest #4 in Indiana. Their 5 will simply need to be in striking distance of the other team’s as they can take advantage of their front running capabilities. The Panthers this season were Bloomington North Early Bird, Conference Indiana, Martinsville Invite, South Knox Invite, Sectional, and Regional Champions.

Coach: Charlie Warthan
Recent State Meet History: 14th (2013), 24th (2012)
State Meet Appearances: 28
Best Finish: 1st (1980)

Other Podium Contenders:

#6 Carroll (FW) Chargers –
We were tempted to put the Chargers on the ‘Championship Contenders’ list based on their State Meet history, but ultimately, it’s a stretch as the team isn’t quite strong enough in their #4 and #5 to contend. Realistically though, Carroll will give a fight for a podium spot. They could potentially have two runners in the top 10 in Cameron Clements and Jacob Schmeling. Up and comer Trevor Hamilton has been exactly what the team has needed from their #3 spot as well. The key for this team will be the their #5. They haven’t been able to find one consistently under 17 minutes thus far. In 2014, Carroll has been Huntington North Invitational, Baron Classic, Northeast Hoosier Conference, Sectional, Regional, and Semi-State Champions.

Coach: Phil Yoder
Recent State Meet History: 3rd (2013), 2nd (2012), 9th (2011)
State Meet Appearances: 8
Best Finish: 2nd (2008, 2012)

#10 Munster Mustangs
– The Mustangs are another team with a strong possibility for a podium spot with a lot of buzz around them at the moment. They were much closer to West Lafayette than most expected at Saturday’s Semi-State race. With two All-State likely runners in Tyler Keslin and Ryan Kritzer, Munster has the 1/2 combo you like to see. They also have some big-game runners in their 3, 4, and 5 runners. Lately, they have been stepping up and competing really well despite being overlooked by many. The Mustangs have been Crown Point Invite, Rudy Skorupa Invite, Bob Thomas Invite, New Prairie AAA Invite, Northwest Crossroads Conference, Sectional, and Regional Champions.

Coach: Aaron Brown
Recent State Meet History: 13th in 2013
State Meet Appearances: 5
Best Finish: 9th (2007)

#8 Avon Orioles –
Making their first ever appearance at the IHSAA State Finals, the Avon Orioles have been on a tear all season. Avon has been led by Senior Will Anderson who has a chance to earn All-State status. After him, the team has a plethora of talent and a great pack. The key for the team will be racing to their competition. If they can match those teams mentioned above with their pack, they have a chance. The Orioles have earned Championships at the Plainfield Relays, Noblesville Hokum Karem, Hendricks County, Ben Davis Invitational, and Regional Champions. Not bad for a team that’s only good at running Hokums…

Coach: Zach Toothman
Recent State Meet History: N/A
State Meet Appearances: 1
Best Finish: N/A

#7 Hamilton Southeastern Royals – 
Another team that has surprised many are the Royals of HSE. A lot of things have gone right for HSE this season, and they will need their luck to continue Saturday in order to earn a podium position. This team will live and die by way of Senior leader Matt Sraders. Sraders looked to be on track to be in All-State contention less than a month ago before suffering an injury which has limited his ability to train recently. Nonetheless, he’s raced well during the tournament. Rather than worry about whether their leader will be 100%, this team needs to race with the mindset of shouldering the load as a pack which is when they compete the best. The Royals have been Danville Hokum Karem, Wildcat Invitational, and Hoosier Crossroads Conference Champions in 2014.

Coach: Joe Golden
Recent State Meet History: 5th (2012), 2nd (2011)
State Meet Appearances: 10
Best Finish: 2nd (2011)

#12 Fishers Tigers –
The Tigers have been on the upswing since the return of their #1 runner Trevor Thompson. Their team, one of the deepest in the State has a very strong pack which showed up big, earning the team a 4th place State Qualifying position at the Semi-State. The key for Fishers will be the health of Nick Butler, who struggled across the line on Saturday and took a trip to the emergency room.

Coach: Nathan Warnecke
Recent State Meet History: N/A
State Meet Appearances: 4
Best Finish: 1st (2007)

#11 North Central Panthers
– Seemingly flying under the radar every year, the Panthers qualified for their 30th IHSAA State Meet because they made steady improvements throughout 2014. Arguably the best 1-2-3 punch in Indiana, NC features All State candidates in Solomon Rice, Conor Smith, and Jordan Koczenasz. The key for the Panthers will be their #4 and #5 who really just need to run their own race as this team should put some cushion on the team score with their top 3.

Coach: Tyler McCreary
Recent State Meet History: 7th (2013), 12th (2011)
State Meet Appearances: 30
Best Finish: 1st (1969)

The Best of the Rest:

#16 Valparaiso Vikings
– Expect to see more out of the Vikings on Saturday than most will imagine. Valparaiso has a knack for running well in Terre Haute. Talent-wise, this team has a very good chance at being top 10. Junior Danny Dalton has a strong chance at earning All-State status with a solid race. Their pack is stellar as well. With a team made of completely of underclassmen, some valuable experience here will be big for them in 2015. The Vikings have been Gavit Invite, Duneland Athletic Conference, and Regional Champions this year

Coach: Aaron Crague
Recent State Meet History: 18th (2013), 3rd (2012), 7th (2012)
State Meet Appearances: 41
Best Finish: 1st (1966, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1997, 2000)

#17 Lake Central Indians
– Early this season, Lake Central looked like a possible podium contender. They have slowed a bit during the season but their talent hasn’t disappeared. The Indians are still very capable of stepping up and running big in Terre Haute. The team has a very strong pack with a boatload of underclassmen. The key for Lake Central will be their front-running. If one or two of their runners can place near the top 30, the Indians will be in good shape.

Coach: Jeff Rhody
Recent State Meet History: 23rd in 2013
State Meet Appearances: 12
Best Finish: 2nd (1983)

Crown Point Bulldogs – 
Crown Point showed up big at Semi-State earning them a 4th place finish and qualifying for their 22nd IHSAA State Meet. Written off by many prior to Saturday, the Bulldogs qualified because of a strong performance from their #2 runner Matthew Mosak. CP did what almost no other could as 4 of their 7 runners ran personal bests at Semi-State. Nothing is more dangerous than a team with moment and a good peak.

Coach: Keith Iddings
Recent State Meet History: 19th (2013), 16th (2011)
State Meet Appearances: 22
Best Finish: 2nd (1975, 1976, 1977)

#21 Terre Haute South Braves –
The Braves were able to keep their cool through an up and down season. They qualified for State as a result of their excellent pack of 2-5 runners who will need to replicate that performance Saturday at home. If they can keep their 2-4 split inside 20 seconds, THS could surprise a lot of teams ahead of them. Senior leader Spencer Danielson will also be fighting for a top 10 spot individually. Terre Haute South was Sectional Champions in 2014.

Coach: Josh Lee
Recent State Meet History: 5th (2013), 8th (2012), 22nd (2011)
State Meet Appearances: 13
Best Finish: 5th (2013)

Happy to be Here:

lj bronchos
Lafayette Jefferson Bronchos
– A surprise qualify to most for the State Meet, Jefferson knocked off a very good LaPorte team handily at the Semi-State to earn the last qualifying spot. The Bronchos have a very strong pack but lack a front runner. The key for them will be getting their top 2 runners as high up as they can. Lafayette Jefferson was North Central Conference Champions earlier this month.

Coach: Dave Howell
Recent State Meet History: N/A
State Meet Appearances: 8
Best Finish: 8th in 1981


#20 North Harrison Cougars
-For the past few years, North Harrison has been a team known for peaking as well as any other in Indiana. This year, the Cougars have a very strong 1-2-3 including an individual top 10 contender in Daniel Fleace. The key for North Harrison will be their number 5 runner who has yet to break 17:30 this year. North Harrison has been Cougar Classic, Sectional, and Regional Champions this season.

Coach: Tim Martin
Recent State Meet History: 6th in 2011
State Meet Appearances: 7
Best Finish: 5th (2009)


Mt. Vernon Marauders –
Led by two great Juniors in Christian Noble and Aaron Rush, Mt. Vernon pulled off a big time 2nd place finish at the New Haven Semi-State to qualify for their first State Meet since 1984. The Marauders have solid 3, 4, and 5 runners who should take care of business just fine. With a couple of low sticks, Mt. Vernon looks good heading into Saturday’s meet. The Marauders have gotten very good at winning this year, having won the Pendleton Heights Arabian Round Up, Manchester Invite, New Castle Invite, Hoosier Heritage Conference, Sectionals, and Regionals.

Coach: Bruce Kendall
Recent State Meet History: N/A
State Meet Appearances: 4
Best Finish: 4th (1984)

West Noble Chargers –
West Noble, like Mt. Vernon has a very good 1-2 with Brandon Arnold and Salvador Campos. Additionally, their pack is solid but the key for the Chargers will be their #5. He struggled a bit at Semi-State, running just 17:50. The low stick of Arnold will surely help in the 24 team field however and will help even out their scoring. West Noble won the Panther Run, Tippy Valley Invite, and the Northeast Corner Conference this season.

Coach: Rusty Emmert
Recent State Meet History: N/A
State Meet Appearances: 10
Best Finish: 5th (1992 and 1993)

Goshen Redskins –
The Redskins are a solid team all around who have run their best as of late. Six of their seven varsity runners have set personal bests during the IHSAA State Tournament. The key for Goshen will be getting their 1 and 2 runners who aren’t particularly strong for frontrunners up high and their #5 close to their #4. Goshen was also Sectional Champions earlier this month.

Coach: Mike Wynn
Recent State Meet History:15th in 2012
State Meet Appearances: 7
Best Finish:3rd (1976)

East Noble Knights
– East Noble qualified for their 6th IHSAA State Championship and first in 10 years because of the leadership of #1 runner Joe Vandiver. He will continue to shoulder the load for the Knights as they need him to score as few points as possible in order to place where they want to. East Noble also needs a better performance from their #5 as he struggled at Semi-State and was over 18:00. East Noble was victorious over rival West Noble at the Sectional this year.

Coach: Mark Liepe
Recent State Meet History: N/A
State Meet Appearances: 6
Best Finish: 7th in 1997

Terre Haute North Patriots
– Talk about clutch! The Patriots top 5 all set personal bests at the Semi-State, allowing them to qualify for the IHSAA State Meet. North’s pack has all been over 17 minutes this season, so the key for the team will be doing what they do best, relying on front-runner Peter Davis who should be close to an All-State spot.

Coach: Tom Dever
Recent State Meet History: N/A
State Meet Appearances: 18
Best Finish: 1st (1972)

South Bend Riley Wildcats –
James Whitcomb Riley is a very good team with a very rough #5 problem. Up front, they have a great leader in Travis Kulczar and some good complimentary pieces in their #2 and #3 runners. Their 5th runner, however, has yet to break 18 minutes this season and came in painfully late at Semi-State in 18:39. If #2 Mason Kendall shows up like he did at Semi-State, they may have a chance to do better than expected. The Wildcats were Northern Indiana Conference and Sectional Champions this year.

Coach: Chad Wetzel
Recent State Meet History: 21st in 2013
State Meet Appearances: 9
Best Finish: 6th in 1956

Individual Preview:

Championship Contenders:

Ben Veatch – Junior – Carmel
– Veatch is the undisputed favorite. He has been undefeated in 2014. His notable wins include Trinity Invitational, THSB Invitational, Eagle Classic, Carmel Semi-State Champion. Duked it out head for head with Zack Snider before breaking away just before 3k. Looks incredibly strong despite not racing for a month prior to Semi-State.

State Meet History: 5th in 2013, 27th in 2012

Zack Snider  – Senior – Brebeuf Jesuit – Snider has a lot of fans and understandably so. He is the only runner to have broken the 15 minute barrier which he did at All-Catholic in 14:58. Lost head-to-head battles with Veatch at Trinity and Semi-State. The Brebeuf Senior isn’t afraid to push the pace early and make it a “man’s race”. Snider was All-Catholic, Marion County, Sectional, and Regional Champion.

State Meet History: 10th in 2013, 16th in 2012

Cooper Williams – Junior – West Lafayette – Williams looked strong in his win dispute losing a shoe early in the New Prairie Semi-State. Williams came close to beating both Snider and Veatch at Trinity earlier this year. Williams has been Harrison Invitational, Sectional, Regional, and Semi-State Champion

State Meet History: 6th in 2013, 52nd in 2012

Mark Beckmann – Senior – DeKalb – Beckmann has been on a tear in the Northeast all season long. His only blemish was at Semi-State on Saturday where he finished 4th overall. His notable wins included Marion Invitational, Sectionals, and Regionals.

State Meet History: 9th in 2013, 45th in 2012

Seth Williams – Senior – Columbus North -Williams has been on fire since winning the prestigious Culver Inviational in September. Williams is considered to be an aerobic monster who will have to hang or push the pace mid-race. Had quality wins at Martinsville Invite, Culver Invite, Sectionals, Regionals, and Semi-State.

State Meet History: 17th in 2013, 74th in 2012

Cameron Clements – Junior – Carroll (FW) – Clements continues to heat up late just like he did in 2013. His best performance of the season came just last Saturday with his Semi-State victory. Clements also won Sectionals.

State Meet History: 14th in 2013, 78th in 2012

The Best of the Rest:

Anthony Williams – Senior – Bloomington South
– Williams is rumored to have been pushing through some injuries as of late. He was on an absolute tear throughout 2014, beating the field at FlashRock and Mark Beckmann at New Haven. Anthony can certainly be in contention for the win if he is 100% healthy on Saturday. Also won the Conference Indiana and the Sectional.

State Meet History: 75th in 2013, 109th in 2012

Chase Ballard – Senior – Columbus North -Ballard is fresh off a big 2nd place finish behind his teammate at the Brown County Semi-State.

State Meet History: 21st in 2013, 105th in 2012

Julien Magallanes – Junior – Borden – Continues to be successful in pushing through his recent injury.

State Meet History: 104th in 2013

Spencer Danielson – Senior – Terre Haute South – Danielson should be feeling really good about his performance after finishing 3rd at the Brown County Semi-State against tough competition.

State Meet History: 28th in 2013, 51st in 2012, 155th in 2011

Brandon Arnold – Senior – West Noble
-Arnold has been known for showing up big at the State Meet as is evident from his finishes the last two years. Arnold has been on an upward swing as of late including is 2nd place finish behind Cameron Clements at the New Haven Semi-State.

State Meet History: 20th in 2013, 40th in 2012

Daniel Fleace – Senior – North Harrison – Fleace really started opening people’s eyes at the Terre Haute Early Bird where he gave Ben Veatch all he could handle for the better part of 4000 meters. His success continued as he finished second at the FlashRock Invitational and won Sectionals and Regionals. He seems he excel when the lights shine the brightest.

State Meet History: 50th in 2013

Jacob Schmeling – Senior – Carroll (FW) –It’s been widely publicized that Schemling is a racer who excels late in the season and especially at the State Meet. In 2013, he set a rare personal best at Lavern Gibson. He appears to be ahead of the curve after finishing 3rd at Semi-State.

State Meet History: 24th in 2013, 58th in 2012

Solomon Rice – Senior – North Central – Rice opened his season late at FlashRock but has made the best of it since then. He was the MIC Champion and helped lead North Central to another State Meet. Rice has a lot of upside to like and could easily sneak into the top 5.

State Meet History: 18th in 2013

All State Contenders:

Fergus Arthur – Senior – Bloomington South – Arthur has been very consistent this season and should be looking for a top 15-20 finish.

State Meet History: 86th in 2013, 154th in 2012


Curtis Eckstein – Sophomore – Oldenburg Academy – There’s a lot of buzz around the Oldenburg Sophomore and understably so. You don’t see a talent like this come along too often. His fourth place finish at the competitive Carmel Semi-State was a big surprise to most as he runs a pretty low key schedule for the most part.

State Meet History: N/A

Evan Franklin – Junior – Bloomington South -In just his second year running for the Panthers, Franklin’s improvement has been nothing short of spectacular. His consistent has been the same as he has finished no worse than 8th in any meet this season despite running one of the hardest schedules of any team in Indiana.

State Meet History: 40th in 2013

Trevor Thompson – Junior – Fishers – Despite missing much of the early season in a boot, it hasn’t slowed Thompson down as he appears to be peaking right when it counts. He was an impressive 5th at the Carmel Semi-State. He was also 27th at the State Meet last year as a Sophomore.

State Meet History: 27th in 2013

Griffin Miller – Senior – Center Grove – Miller really surprised a lot of people this season when he burst onto the season running 15:32 while winning the Ben Davis Invitational.

State Meet History: N/A

Patrick O’Neil – Senior – Cathedral
– Talent has never been a question with Patrick O’Neil, but durability has. O’Neil has managed to stay healthy all season and it has paid off as he has a great chance of finishing in the top 15-20 spots. Many have forgotten that O’Neil finished 23rd at the State Meet as a sophomore.

State Meet History: 23rd in 2012

Griffin Tichenor – Senior – Bloomington North – When Tichenor is on, he is nearly unstoppable to most. On a good day, there’s top 10 potential here.

State Meet History: 190th in 2013, 144th in 2012

Ryan Kritzer – Senior – Munster -The highlights of Kritzer’s season year thus far have been his New Prairie Invitational win and his second place finish at the Semi-State. He should definitely expect to earn his second All-State honor and a top 15 finish is well within his limits.

State Meet History: 25th in 2013

Brogan Armand – Senior – Evansville Harrison – Armand has had a great Senior season running consistently among some of the best runners in the South. Armand should feel really good about his chances to earn an All-State spot.

State Meet History: 78th in 2013

Quentin Pierce – Senior – Castle – 
Pierce has also had an excellent Senior season and has thrown his name into the discussion of All-State candidates.

State Meet History: 71st in 2013

Sam Henthorn – Junior – Westfield – Henthorn’s progression in 2014 has been nothing short of spectacular. In 2013, Henthorn broke the 17 minute barrier just a few times. This year, he has taken over front running duties for the Shamrocks and was even the Noblesville Sectional Champion.

State Meet History: N/A

Daniel Dalton – Junior – Valparaiso – Though inconsistent at times, Dalton has shown a level of talent synonymous with All-State athletes. His best race of the year came at the Sectional where he set a personal best of 15:44

State Meet History: 145th in 2013.

Brayden Law – Junior – Homestead – Throughout the State of Indiana, everyone knows just how talented and capable Brayden Law is when healthy. He was on track for a big season through Marion Invite after running a personal best of 15:22. Not long after though, he began struggling with injuries. With a good race, he could be as high as the top 10.

State Meet History: 63rd in 2013, 117th in 2012

Teddy Browning – Junior – Carmel – Browning has quietly put together one of the most consistent and impressive seasons of any athlete not mentioned above. After breaking 18 minutes just a couple of times as a Sophomore in 2013, Browning has been consistently under 16 minutes this year and will be a key piece of Carmel’s title hopes.

State Meet History: N/A

Thomas Revard – Sophomore – Carmel – Returning after an impressive 36th place in finish in 2013 is Thomas Revard, another key component of Carmel’s #1 ranked squad. He has had a great tournament thus far as well with a 4th place finish at the Sectional and having finished 12th at Semi-State.

State Meet History: 36th in 2014

Ethan Hoeft – Senior – Lawrence North – Despite not racing nearly at all until the Ben Davis Invite, Hoeft has been running really well this season. Just as in 2013, he had a big race at Semi-State, this time finishing third overall.

State Meet History: 44th in 2013


Jarit Perkins – Junior – Barr Reeve – Didn’t begin racing until just a couple weeks ago. Still good enough to finish 8th at the Brown County Semi-State. Has top 10 talent when healthy.

State Meet History: 51st in 2013

Jake Cohen – Senior – West Lafayette – Cohen is a big time racer who a lot of people think will show up big with the Red Devils needing him on Saturday

State Meet History: 49th in 2013, 87th in 2012

Joel O’Shea – Senior – Wheeler – O’Shea has been on a mission this season, running very consistent and beating some big names throughout the season.

State Meet History: 69th in 2012

John Tansy – Junior – Perry Meridian – Still unknown to many, Tansy is making a quick name for himself. He was a surprising 8th overall at the Carmel Semi-State.

State Meet History: N/A

Hari Sathyamurthy – Junior – Brownsburg – No preview would be complete without some Hari speculation. Sathyamurthy has really turned it on the second half of the season. He eeked into the State Meet grabbing the 8th qualifying spot of 10. He is a fearless runner though and don’t be surprised to see him in the top 10.

State Meet History: N/A

Cam Trout – Junior – Northview – Trout tends to run best at Lavern Gibson, which makes sense considering it’s less than 15 minutes from where he lives. Despite a rough tournament thus far, keep an eye out for Trout.

State Meet History: N/A

Aaron Bennett – Sophomore – Westfield – Bennett snuck through the loaded Semi-State field with efficiency last Saturday. Still young as just a Sophomore, Bennett has big time talent and is a future star in the making.

State Meet History: 84th in 2013

Bailey McIntire – Sophomore – South Adams – McIntire is running well again for the second year in October. Last year, he was the top freshman at the State Meet, finishing 48th.

State Meet History: 48th in 2013

Others to Watch: Will Anderson (Avon), Ryan Dvornik (Brebeuf), David Coffey (Brebeuf), Conor Smith (North Central), Tyler Lowhorn (Warren Central), Christian Noble (Mt. Vernon)


Friday – 40% Chance of Rain
Saturday – High of 49 degrees – 0% Chance of Rain – 15 mph winds

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