October 20th – Small School Regional Wrap-Up

By: Robert Swank


In an average year around 5 or 6 small school boy’s teams and 5 or 6 small school girl’s teams qualify for Semi State competition.  This year an exceptional number of boy’s teams made the cut with 10 teams advancing.  (Although five of the ten made it in with a fifth place regional finish, they still made it.)  Unfortunately the girls fell short of their usual number, as only three girl’s teams advanced.   Coincidentally all three girls teams placed third in their respective regionals.

The South Knox Spartans were the only small school to win a regional title as they won the Pike Central Regional beating the Evansville North Huskies by 6 points.  Although the Spartans have long been a cross country powerhouse with 26 consecutive regional appearances and semi state appearances in 12 of those years, this was their first Cross Country Regional Title.

Perhaps the top small school over the last 30 years has been the Northfield Norsemen.  They came as close as you possible can to taking the title at Marion as Oak Hill edged them out on their 6th runner.   Unbelievable the Northfield girls were also involved in a 6th runner tie breaker at the Marion regional as they edged out Norwell for 3rd place with a better 6th runner.  I have been involved with CC for much longer than IHSAA girls cross country has existed, and this is the first time I can remember that both the girls and boys teams from the same school went to the tie breaker in regional action.  (I did not do the research, so it may have happened, but it is definitely an oddity)

Third place regional finishes on the boy’s side went to Winamac at Culver, Monroe Central at Delta and Oldenburg Academy at South Dearborn.   All three girl’s teams that advanced took thirds in their regionals.  As mentioned Northfield took third at Marion, while Seeger was third at Harrison and Randolph Southern was third at Delta.

Five of the ten boy’s qualifying teams nabbed the final spot.  They were:  South Adams at Marion,  Wapahani at Delta, Hagerstown at Rushville, Austin at Brown County,  and Perry Central at Crawford County.


All four (Northfield, Perry Central, South Adams, and South Knox) small school boy’s teams that have advance to the state meet in the last 20 years are still alive.

With two outstanding front runners, South Adams had the fastest top five average time as they averaged 17:16 at Marion.  They were very closely followed by South Knox (17:17 at Pike Central) and Northfield (17:17 at Marion).  Oldenburg had the 4th fastest top five average with 17:26 at South Dearborn and Hagerstown was 5th with a 17:35 at Rushville.

The smallest school for girls still alive is Randolph Southern with 173 students in their school.  By comparison, the largest school still alive, Carmel has more than 27 times as many students.  For the boys Northfield and South Knox tie for the smallest school still alive as each has 344 students.  (enrollment data from:  http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick%20resources/Boys’%20Basketball%20Classifications%202013-15.pdf  )


Regional Chapmions— South Knox

Regional Runner-ups— Northfield

Regional 3rds— Winamac, Monroe Central, Oldenburg Academy

Regional 5ths— South Adams, Wapahani, Hagerstown, Perry Central. Austin

Regional 6ths—  Hebron ,Cowan ,Northeast Dubois ,Barr-Reeve ,Southwestern (Shelby), Tri County



Regional 3rds-Northfield, Seeger, Randolph Southern

NEAR MISS       Regional 6th–Haggerstown

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