November 29th, 2012 – You're Not Going to Want to Miss This!

Indiana Runner is excited to announce the addition of two meets to their home calendar in 2013. The website, with the help of

it’s always generous sponsors, will host both a distance-only Friday night post-season track meet in June as well as an elite Junior Varsity cross country meet in October.

After previous success in hosting the IndianaRunner Distance Showcase, IndianaRunner plans to continue their promotion of Cross Country/Track and Field by hosting both events. The track event will take place under the lights on Friday June 7th, 2013 in Indianapolis with the proposed location at Carroll Stadium in Downtown Indianapolis at IUPUI. As Meet Director Justin Floyd stated, “We are excited to be expanding our coverage and promotion of running. In the last several years we have made strides to not only be active in covering the sport and reporting on it but actually making physical contributions as well, so I think this outdoor meet falls right in line with that belief.”

Michael A. Carroll Stadium at I.U.P.U.I.

This event will

focus on allowing runners of differing abilities to compete with very reasonable standards but will

not shy away from promoting and hosting elite level races. “Indiana is rich in tradition and near the top of the hierarchy of talented distance runners in the United States. Indiana Runner is obviously the hub for all fans, athletes, and coaches to check in on the latest action with Indiana’s elite athletes, but also, we recognize that our sport is much greater than just those who grab the headlines. There are over ten thousand athletes competing in our sport in Indiana every year. Less than 5 percent of those will qualify for the State Meet”, said Drake Sterling. Indiana Runner’s Justin Floyd went on to say, “We are hoping for a big ground swell from our Indiana athletes and hope to attract several out of state athletes as well.”

The centrally located event hopes to attract runners from all over the Midwest and give the athletes and spectators the best possible experience. The facility will welcome back high school track and field for the first time in years. Carroll Stadium hosted the IHSAA State Meet multiple times over the past 15 years as well as various U.S. Championships, Collegiate championships, and more. The meet will also receive assistance from the American Milers Club Elite Track and Field series held on various Wednesdays and Saturdays in June. Competing athletes in the high school event will receive free entry to the American Milers Club and are encouraged to watch some of the U.S.’s top distance athletes compete for a chance to make the U.S. Championship Team in the days surrounding the IR Meet.

The post season is a time to put a finishing touch and end the season on a high note. In order to do so, the meet will feature an array of fun, exciting events including a full metric mile, a 5,000 meter run, as well as the rarely run 2,000 meter steeple. “The steeple is not a common event that is run in high school, so it was something that I definitely wanted to have on the event list. I hope that people are not shy about testing themselves on this event as it is one of the finest events in Track”, quoted Floyd.

Details about registration will follow early this spring. For now, mark your calendars! The event details are as follows.

Date: Friday June 7th, 2013
Time: Evening
– 800
– Mile
– Community “IR” Mile
– 2k Steeple
– 5k

Standards (Tentative):
800: 2:12/2:40
Mile: 5:00/5:50
2k Steeple: (5:10, 10:45/5:50,12:55)
5k: (5:10, 10:45/5:50,12:55)

More information concerning the specifics of the meet will be released as the track and field season progresses. Individuals or groups with questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. can contact Justin Floyd at


In addition to the Justin’s track and field meet, Indiana Runner will be breaking ground on it’s first ever cross country event. Meet Director Drake Sterling stated, “Making Indiana Runner a ‘three-headed monster’ so to speak by hosting an indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country meet is something I have dreamed of. With that being said, we had to find our niche. There are so many great cross country invitationals in our state…so we searched for where we might fit in?”

The conclusion was to host an “elite” Junior Varsity cross country invitational. One date stuck out as a possible “finale” for those athletes; Saturday, October 12th, 2013. With the IHSAA season moving back one week in 2013, the meet will fill a natural void between conference meets and Sectionals. Seeing as the meet will be held during the official IHSAA season, Zionsville High School will be the host school.

The aim is to host many schools which perennially boast the top JV teams in Indiana. “These kids deserve their time to shine. They may be up and coming underclassmen or they could be seniors who have worked their entire career’s to break 20, 21 or 22 minutes. Regardless, these guys put in the same summer miles and gut-wrenching interval workouts as the varsity athletes do. I figured, lets but these guys on the spotlight and give them their own Saturday morning invitational!”, said Sterling.

One of the most exciting features of the meet is the location. The ‘what-will-be’ newly opened in 2013 Indiana Cross Country Arena will host the JV meet. The Champions Course at White River State Park has been designed to challenge and reward true cross country runners. The course features an international style 2-kilometer loop. The course is essentially flat, with minimal inclines and few tight turns. It features wide pathways capable of accommodating runners up to 5 wide in most locations. It also features a 700 meter wide embankment perfect for fan seating and allowing for a near full view of the races with little or no movement required.

Significant improvements to the course have been and will continue to be made through the spring of 2013 and into the summer when the course will host a prospective summer cross country series and early season IHSAA events as well as the being the tentative host location for the 2013 Indianapolis City Meet.

The Indiana Cross Country Championship Arena

Just as with any event that Indiana Runner hosts, the goal is to provide the best possible experience for athletes and fans. “You have to think outside the box. You have to do some fun things with music, decoration, give-aways, etc. Fans and athletes have to walk away thinking, ‘Wow, I’ve never been to a meet like that”, said Sterling.

Invitations were sent out to select boys and girls teams this week and once confirmation is received from as many of those as possible, IR will look to fill the field with outside requests by coaches and through further personal invitations. An announcement for coaches wishing to get into the meet will be posted no later than mid-December.

Questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. can be forwarded to Drake Sterling at

We look forward to hosting you in 2013!

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