Indiana Runner to Perform Exclusive LIVE Webcast of 2012 State Finals



Indiana Runner is proud to announce that we will be providing LIVE Webcasts of both the Girls and Boys 2012 Track and Field State Finals on June 1st and 2nd from Indiana University. Our coverage will begin on Friday at approximately 2:50 pm, just prior to the start of the Girls pole vault, long jump, and discus which are scheduled for 3:00 pm. We will run through the entire girls meet and will pick back up Saturday at the same time at which the Boys pole vault, long jump, and discus will begin.

The IHSAA State Finals Track Meet has been an event that has eluded IR in the past. We wanted to make it a priority of ours that we try to become more involved. Webcasting has been a point of emphasis for us this past year. IR provided webcasts for Nike Cross Regional, The HSR Finals, as well as the Franklin Central Showcase. The State Meet was a logical choice for us! We submitted our proposal to the IHSAA earlier in the week to render our services and thankfully, they accepted! We are excited to have the chance to work with the IHSAA in producing the meet! Hopefully, the partnership is one that we can extend into cross country and beyond.

We will attempt some new features that viewers haven’t yet seen in our previous webcasts. It takes a lot of help to put on a meet of this caliber. We hope to have individuals at each of the field events, reporting live results that we can mention on air. Also, we will need spotters, cameramen, and a director. We will most definitely employ an individual to also post live results on our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as on the IR Message Board. We will also be performing the webcast with the help of our friends at Hoosier Authority.

If you are interested in helping IR in any facet, please let us know. Email us at Also, we will be looking for sponsors to cover our costs for “copyrights”, equipment, travel, housing, etc. We will be looking to get sponsors to be the “Official IR Webcast Sponsor of the State Meet”. We will feature the business as often as possible on air as well as in print for upcoming promotions. Anyone interested in sponsoring the webcast should contact us again, at

Look for more info in the coming weeks regarding our webcast! As always, feel free to contact us!


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