Indiana Runner LIVE Webcast of the State Meet a Success!

June 4th, 2012


Bethany Neeley wins the 1600 - Photo courtesy of Mary Abramson




































We are proud to announce that Indiana Runner’s Webcast of the 2012 Girls and Boys State Championships was an overwhelming success!

From a shear numbers aspect, the girls webcast logged a total number of hits of 12,263 people! Approximately 2,000 of those hits were unique meaning from separate computers. During the Boys webcast, the site logged a total of 19,216 hits, with approximately 3,000 of those being unique! In total, 100,261 people have visited the webcast hosting site, ihigh/!

Fridays coverage of the 39th Annual Girls Track and Field State Meet was a good build up to the Boys. The IR staff learned a lot of their capabilities with the feed. We encountered very few “hiccups” in the webcast. Of those, we did unfortunately lose the capability of use of the second “on track” camera during much of the meet. This was due to connection issues. Luckily, the problem was fixed and the camera was back up and running at 100% after a few modifications before the Boys meet!

Also, at one point during the Girls meet, Indiana Runner itself crashed! This was due to the sudden amount of hits, and unprecedented number, all at once! Luckily, the site was down for less than 10 minutes and we were able to get the feed back up prior to the finish of the fast heat of the Girls 4×800 relay.

Our second day at the Robert C. Haugh Stadium went even smoother than the first. We were able to best utilize our on-track camera to bring in some excellent action shots. We also brought in a few extra staff members who were able to help provide great coverage of the field events and as spotters on the track.

During the 2011-2012 Cross Country and Track seasons, Indiana Runner was able to put on 5 LIVE webcasts, an unprecedented number for the site. This included: NXN XC Regionals, HSR State Finals, Franklin Central Showcase, and the Girls and Boys State Finals. Also, we were able to get an archived video feed of the Flashrock Invitational. We hope to increase our video coverage as well as photo coverage on the site. For State Finals photos taken by our staff, check out of Facebook page as we will be uploading them in the next few days:

For those who wish to re-watch or check out the archived webcast of this weekends meet, you can do so here:

Our support from IR fans during and after the webcast was awesome! Thank you to all who expressed gratitude towards IR for webcasting the meet. We have learned a little more each time we’ve done a webcast and hope to improve with every effort! Our best work is still ahead!

A special thanks goes out to a lot of individuals who helped make this meet capable of being webcasted! Of course, our main sponsor, Coach Koeppen and the All-Star CC Camp Crew as well as the IHSAA who agreed to put the webcast in the hands of us here at Indiana Runner!

Our amazing staff helped make everything move smoothly deserve a shout out – Justin Floyd, Jeff Luzadder, Colin Altevogt, Dave Santelik, Sarah Sterling, Sean Eberly, Luke Brahm, Maddison Russell, Max Gernhard, Mitch Webber, Stephen Bain, Chris Chandler, and Mary Abramson

Thank you again to those who helped and we hope that the IHSAA will allow us to do future webcasts of their events. Hopefully we will see you again in Terre Haute if we’re lucky! If you would like to contact the IHSAA to support Indiana Runner and help get us to future races for webcasts, send an email to them here:


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  1. Bob says:

    Guys…great job. Any video of the Boys 3200 or post race with Futsum?