Boys and Girls Meet of the Week #2- Harrison Invitational

Harrison Invitational

By: Drake Sterling

September 1st, 2012
This weekend is a very exciting one for Indiana cross country. We are lucky to have some elite meets taking place, including the State Pre

view Meet, the Artesian Classic, the ASICS Marion Invitational, the Harrison Invitational, and the North Harrison Invitational (Thursday).

What separated the Harrison Invitational from the abundantly talented meets is the fact that we get to see 7 top 25 ranked teams, and for the first time in 2012, the meet will feature the #1 ranked Carmel Greyhounds. Adding the perennial powerhouse adds depth not only in the Varsity race, but especially in the Junior Varsity competition.


Boys Varsity: 9:30 a.m.

Boys JV: 10:30 a.m.

Awards: 11:15 a.m.


Teams Competing:

Andrean, Avon, Benton Central, #12 Bloomington South, #1 Carmel, #20 Fishers, Fountain Central, #16 Franklin Central, Goshen, Harrison, Highland, Kankakee Valley, Lafayette Jeff, Lake Central, LaPorte, #8 Lawrence North, #21 McCutcheon, Munster, Pike, Portage, Rensselaer, Twin Lakes, Warren Central, West Lafayette, Wheeler, #14 Zionsville

Teams to Watch:

#1 Carmel
#8 Lawrence North
#12 Bloomington South
#14 Zionsville
#16 Franklin Central
#20 Fishers
#21 McCutcheon
UNR. Warren Central
UNR. West Lafayette
UNR. Munster
UNR. LaPorte
UNR. Portage
UNR. Avon
UNR. Goshen

The results of this meet will more reflect who ran with the biggest chip on their shoulder. In addition to 5 ranked teams between #12 and #21, the race will feature a plethora of teams previously ranked between #26 and #35. A good race by some of these teams could potential move them into the top 25 on Monday.

Up front, expect Carmel to run away with the top prize. Their front end talent paired with the expected return of Bobby Browning will be near impossible for any team to challenge.

Next you have the highly anticipated Lawrence North team running their first competitive 5k of the season (They did run a low-key dual in mid-August). Many will be excited to see if they come out racing strong and positioning themselves as a potential podium team or if they look vulnerable to slightly lower ranked teams such as Bloomington South and Zionsville.

Anything can happen in places 3-10. Bloomington South is coming off a win at last weekend’s Columbus East Invitational. Portage just beat LaPorte in a tri-meet on Tuesday. Goshen beat LaPorte on a tie-breaker at the Penn Hokum Karem. Avon was a little off at Franklin last weekend after losing their #1 just over 2K in. Warren ran a good Hokum at Noblesville and continues to be just barely on the outside looking in. Munster beat Hobart last week and looks strong, and West Lafayette ran a little under their ability level at Purdue but could have the most potential of any of the un-ranked teams.

Individuals to Watch (in no order):

Charlie Watson (Carmel)
Pat Appleton (Carmel)
Bobby Browning (Carmel)
Danny Williams (Carmel)
Carmel’s 4-7…
Anthony Didion (LaPorte)
Kyle Burks (Bloomington South)
Tom Bolanowski (Munster)
Jordan Mueller (Avon)
Mason McKinney (McCutcheon)
Jacob Wickes (McCutcheon)
Calvin Kraft (Fishers)
Mason Herhusky (Zionsville)
Max Gernhard (Zionsville)
Ethan Hoeft (Lawrence North)
Josh Khamis (Lawerence North)
Sammy Tebeje (Pike)
Jordan Huntoon (Bloomington South)

The race up front should be a very good one. Any of Carmel’s top 4 could take it. Jordan Mueller and Mason McKinney who we would normally expect to challenge near the front are coming off injury/sickness so they will be unknown. Look for Tebeje of Pike to try and mix it up with the Carmel guys. Calvin Kraft also looked excellent at the Hamilton County Meet on Tuesday. The darkhorse will be Ethan Hoeft of Lawrence North.

Top Returners From 2011:

9. Calvin Kraft – 12 – Fishers
10. Jordan Mueller – 12 – Avon
11. Mason Herhusky – 12 – Zionsville
19. Sammy Tebeje – 12 – Pike
21. Max Gernhard – 12 – Zionsville
22. Jordan Huntoon – 12 – Bloomington South
25. Mason McKinney – 12 – McCutcheon
26. Tom Bolanowski – 12 – Munster
30. Anthony Didion – 11 – LaPorte
37. Dustin Balboa – 12 – Portage

Full 2011 Results:




By Colin Altevogt
Girls coordinator

Participating schools: Andrean, #10 Avon, Benton Central, #13 Bloomington South, #17 Fishers,
Fountain Central, #8 Franklin Central, Harrison, Highland, Kankakee Valley, Lafayette Jeff, #25 Lake
Central, LaPorte, Lawrence North, McCutcheon, Munster, Pike, Portage, Rensselaer, Twin Lakes, Warren
Central, #14 Westfield, #2 West Lafayette, Wheeler,#20 Zionsville

With each team’s propensity to sit varsity runners on occasion, the Purdue Invitational could be nothing
more than an opportunity for junior varsity runners to shine. Or it could be the first 1 vs. 2 showdown of
the season.

Seemingly perennial state champion Carmel may have its biggest challenge of the last three years this
season. The ‘Hounds, albeit without two presumed varsity runners, just barely outdueled second-ranked
West Lafayette at their own Carmel Classic last week. A handful of other teams either ranked or just
missing the cut will be on hand as well. Five individuals whose teams are set to attend finished in the top
15 at last year’s cross country state finals.


#2 West Lafayette
The Red Devils appear to be the biggest threats to dethrone two-time state champion Carmel, and they
get a much needed break from that new rivalry this weekend. After consecutive weekends on sparring
with the ‘Hounds, the Devils may look to rest some key runners, especially those freshman attempting
the daunting cross/soccer double. A stacked team would be hard for anyone, outside of Carmel and Fort
Wayne Carroll, to match at this point in the season.

#8 Franklin Central
The Flashes look their usual selves, with a strong pack early in the season. FC missed the state finals last
year for the first time in three years, but a new crop of runners looks likely to get the Flashes back to
Terre Haute. Early results also show that the Flashes may be sitting some key runners early.

#10 Avon
The Orioles won this meet last year in a breakout performance that eventually led to a surprise state
meet appearance. Avon gets to match up with newly-formed rival Franklin Central as well as Westfield,
Fishers and Zionsville. Those are four teams that look to vie for some of the six state finals positions out
of central Indiana.

#13 Bloomington South
The Panthers downed then number four Westfield as the Early Bird Invitational on the state meet course
in Terre Haute by a point. With star Alex Warzyniak on the mend, South looks like a lock coming out of
the south. The Panthers typically get a lot of good competition by travelling around Indiana to loaded
meets like this.

#14 Westfield
The Shamrocks have looked down in their first couple of meets, though that’s nothing too shocking for
a team that usually performs much better in October than August. Westfield was a surprising fifth at the
Hamilton County meet, putting five runners between 20:14 and 20:55.

#17 Fishers
The Tigers beat county rival Westfield on Tuesday. Fishers does not have a strong frontrunner but does
have enough depth to perhaps challenge for a way out of the Brebeuf Regional and even into the state

#23 Zionsville
The Eagles get another look at top competition in West Lafayette after finishing a distant third to the
state’s two best teams last Saturday at the Purdue Invitational.


Malyka Abramson, Avon
The Oriole sophomore was an upset winner at the Franklin Invitational last weekend over four girls
who have previously finished All-State (and one former state champion!). Abramson looked like a top
ten individual for much of last season before an injury in the race at the state meet dropped her

through the field.

Bobbie Burgess, West Lafayette
Burgess has looked like a state champion contender through her first few races. A victory here, if she
makes an appearance, would only add to her résumé.

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