2016-2017 College Commitments

Are you a Senior? Have you decided where you plan on running in College? Email us at lidskins@yahoo.com and let us know! We want to be the first to get the word out!

Class of 2017

4/25 Corbin Kaiser (Jasper)- Middle Distance- Wabash College

4/23 Mary Terhune (Culver Academy)- Distance- St.Lawrence University

4/21 Riley Welch (Fremont)- Distance- Indiana State University

4/20 Brady Harless (Brebeuf)- Distance- Xavier University

4/19 Clayton Sheehan (Bellmont)- Sprints- University of St.Francis

4/19 Marcus Graham (Perry Central)- Distance- Vincennes University

4/16 Ethan Collins (Hanover Central)- Distance- St.Mary of the Woods College

4/17 Jerico Harden (Hamilton)- Jumps/Sprints- University of St.Francis

4/12 Noelle Weyer (Jasper)- Distance- St.Francis College, Brooklyn NY

4/12 Kyle Charles (New Haven)- Distance- University of St.Francis

4/12 Grace Cooper (Garrett)- Sprints- University of St.Francis

4/3 Olivia Rassel (Center Grove)- Sprints- University of Dayton

3/27 Jean Carson (Lawrence North)- Distance- IUPUI

3/27 Baley Wade (Clarksville Providence)- Distance- IUPUI

3/27 Eric Hoffman (Noblesville)- Distance- IUPUI

3/27 Dustin Starnes (Northrop)- Distance- IUPUI

3/27 Brooks Long (Southmont)- Distance- IUPUI

3/27 Dakota Merkel (LaPorte)- Distance- IUPUI

3/24 Kalen Ochs (Barr-Reeve)- Distance- University of Evansville

3/24 Saige Woodford (Plainfield)- Distance- St.Mary of the Woods

3/21 Savannah Roy (Avon)-Distance- Indiana State University

3/18 Griffin Barger (Terre Haute South)- Distance- University of Dayton

3/10 Celine Hornick (Edgewood)- Distance- St.Mary of the Woods College

3/10 Jag Butcher (Eastern Greene)- Distance- St.Mary of the Woods College

3/9 Noah Acker (East Noble)- Distance- Trine University

3/8 Neil O’Brien (Roncalli)- Distance- Trine University

3/3 Derek Miller (Westview)- Distance- Trine University

2/28 Logan Vandermark (South Putnam)- Distance- Franklin College

2/23 Kelsey Batt (Homestead)- Distance- Purdue University

2/18 Rachel Brougher (Columbus North)- Distance- Eastern Michigan University

2/15 Grant Mason (Center Grove)- Sprints- Lipscomb University

2/15 Madison Distelrath (Homestead)- Distance- Eastern Michigan University

2/15 Chelsea Archer (Wabash High School)- Distance- University of St.Francis

2/9 Harrison Korkos (Rochester Comm.)- Distance- Trine University

2/4 Carter Meyer (FW Carroll)- Distance- Butler University

1/30 Jack Beakas (Dekalb)- Distance- Trine University

1/27 Mayah Knowlton (South Adams)- Jumps- Bethel College

1/26 Rhys Grealish (Avon)- Distance- Eastern Michigan University

1/24 Noah Scherf (Michigan City)- Distance- Earlham College

1/19 Clara Burdette (Manchester)- Distance- University of St.Francis

1/19 Haley Adams (South Adams)- Sprints- University of St.Francis

1/19 Brittany Ross (Crothersville)- Throws- University of St.Francis

1/19 James Spikes (Calumet)- Distance- University of St.Francis

1/19 Miranda Borgwadt (Bluffton)- Distance- University of St.Francis

1/19 Seth Black (Central Noble)- Hurdles- University of St.Francis

1/18 Roman Jennings (FW Snider)- Distance- IUPUI

1/15 Jacob Woodrow (Avon)- Distance- University of Indianapolis

1/14 Kat Dombroksi (Noblesville)- Distance- Marian University

1/6 Ben Zuercher (Northridge)- Sprints- Bethel College

1/6 Matt McCowen (Penn)- Jumps- Bethel College

1/6 JT Matthews (Greencastle)- Jumps- Bethel College

1/6 Johna Lester (Peru)- Jumps- Bethel College

1/5 Lily Hess (Guerin Catholic)- Sprints- Butler University

1/2 Tara Cassidy (Jasper)- Distance- Indiana State University

12/23 Zarya Desouza (Bloomington South)- Distance- Washington University

12/22 Kendyll Schulz (Bloomington North)- Distance- St.Mary of the Woods College

12/22 Parker Nuest (Hebron)- Distance- St.Mary of the Woods College

12/21 Cail Brown (Cass)- Distance- Vincennes University

12/21 Tony Cappola (Jeffersonville)- Pole Vault- Vincennes University

12/18 Gabby Santaquilani (Portage)- Throws- Grace College

12/18 Alli Sorg (Ft.Wayne Northside)- Throws- Grace College

12/16 Ryan Hannaford (Terre Haute South)- Distance- Indiana State University

12/8 Cameron Ray (Switzerland County)- Distance- Hanover College

12/8 Madison Kiser (Pioneer)- Mid Distance- University of Louisville

12/8 Claire Collins (Winimac)- Distance- Indiana State University

12/7 Emily Bluhm (Adams Central)- Hurdles/Jumps- University of St.Francis

12/6 Jon Balda (Carmel)- Middle Distance- Grace College

12/6 Brady Willard (Fairfield)- Middle Distance- Grace College

12/1 Elijah Brooks (Columbus North)- Distance- Grace College

11/30 Hanna Camden (Linton)- Distance- St.Mary of the Woods College

11/22 Ben Payton (Fountain Central)- Distance- Indiana State University

11/21 Megan Slamkowski (Guerin Catholic)- Distance- Purdue University

11/21 Matthew Scales (Castle)- Distance- University of Southern Indiana

11/21 Brady Page (West Vigo)- Distance- St.Mary of the Woods College

11/21 Alex Wiedenhoeft (Huntington North)- Distance- University of St.Francis

11/17 Kristen LaCosse (Crown Point)- Hurdles/Jumps- University of Hawaii

11/15 Breanna Phillips (FW Northrop)- Sprints/Hurdles- University of Pittsburgh

11/15 Cale Kilian (Jasper)- Distance- Indiana State University

11/14 Dejah Johnson (Warren Central)- Sprints- Ball State University

11/14 Tyler Frields-Reifsteck (Evansville Central)- Distance- University of Evansville

11/14 Alton Hoops (South Knox)- Distance- University of Evansville

11/11 Ashley Baker (Warren Central)- Sprints- Indiana State University

11/9 Daveon Finley (Portage)- Hurdles/Sprints- University of Pittsburgh

11/4 Paige Boatright (FW Concordia Lutheran)- Distance- IUPUI

11/4 Cristian Zendejas (Highland) – Distance -Calumet College of St Joseph

10/4 Jacob Turner (West Vigo)- Distance- St.Mary of the Woods College







2015-2016 School Year

7/25 Anthony Hall (Austin)- Distance- Hanover College

7/23 Davendrick Hall (South Bend Clay)- Sprints/Jumps- Calumet College of St.Joseph

7/17 Jason Novak (Wheeler)- Sprints/Jumps- Calumet College of St.Joseph

6/27 Chelsea Foster (Mt.Vernon Fortville)- Distance- Goshen College

6/27 Nora Rangel (Goshen)- Distance- Goshen College

6/27 Juan Perez (Goshen)- Distance- Goshen College

6/27 Lindon McDonald (Westview)- Jumps- Goshen College

6/22 Austin Mason (Cathedral)- Sprints- University of Indianapolis

6/17 Edgar Ibarra (Bishop Noll)- Throws- Calumet College of St.Joseph

6/16 Carly Kohout (South Central)- Distance- Calumet College of St.Joseph

6/16 Natalie Nowesnick (Andrean)- Heptathlon- Calumet College of St.Joseph

6/16 Omar Galeana (Hammond Morton)- Distance- Calumet College of St.Joseph

6/16 Brittany Dotson (Gary Roosevelt)- Jumps- Calumet College of St.Joseph

6/16 Clayton Goldman (Lake Central)- Mid Distance- University of Notre Dame

6/11 Katie Hodson (Homestead)- Distance- Wittenberg University

6/11 Cezi Wright (Homestead)- Hurdles/Sprints- Indiana Wesleyan University

6/11 Grace Walther (Homestead)- Distance- Indiana University

6/7 Cailyn Etgen (Carmel)- Sprints/Jumps- Miami Ohio University

6/2 Lucas Rhed (Chesterton)- Distance- IUPUI

6/2 Tony Newbern II (Avon)- Mid Distance- Southern Illinois University

5/30 Demontrae Lapsley (Warren Central)- Distance- University of Southern Indiana

5/30 Grayson Radvansky (South Bend St. Joseph)- Mid Distance- Anderson University

5/30 Hannah Conner (South Bend St. Joseph)- Distance- St.Joseph’s College

5/20 Ryan Price (Northwood)- Distance- Grace College

5/15 Joel O’Shea (Wheeler)- Distance- St.Francis

5/15 Kelly O’Shea (Wheeler/Vincennes)- Distance- St.Francis

5/2 Tommy Hickerson (Warsaw)- Jumps- Grace College

5/2 Ryne Venable (Northwood)- Distance- IU South Bend

4/23 Matt Wielgus (Crown Point)- Mid Distance- St. Joseph’s College

4/20 Kara Beasley (Monrovia)- Multi Events- Hanover College

4/20 Brooke Treadway (Northwestern)- Throws- Grace College

4/19 Walker Hobbs (Whitko)- Throws- Grace College

4/17 Hunter Ingle (Noblesville)- Distance- Vincennes University

4/14 Brooke Talhelm (Franklin Central)- Distance- Ball State University

4/14 Thomas Veerkamp (Lebanon)- Distance- Tusculum College

3/28 Andy Greathouse (Avon)- Distance- University of Southern Indiana

3/25 Ross Armey (Warsaw)- Hurdles/Sprints- Grace College

3/22 Kyle Edwards (Mishawaka)- Jumps- Olivet Nazarene University

3/17 Cameron Stokes (Dekalb)- Distance- Asbury University

3/10 David Coffey (Brebeuf Jesuit)- Distance- Miami University

3/10 Brayden Law (Homestead)- Distance- Michigan State University

3/3 Hunter Slater (Greenwood Christian Academy)- Distance- University of Tampa

2/23 Xavier Walker (Bowman Academy)- Sprints- Indiana University

2/23 Rebecca Coan- (Bishop Chatard)- Multi Events- Purdue University

2/23 Jenna Hedlund (Bishop Chatard)- Distance- Marian College

2/16 Gracie Heeb (Bloomington North)- Heptathlon- Indiana University

2/16 Morgan Blyly (Northridge)- Distance- IPFW

2/14 Max Wehrle (Cardinal Ritter)- Distance- Creighton University

2/12 Kailee Schoof (LaPorte)- Distance- IPFW

2/9 Danny Dalton (Valparaiso)- Distance- Purdue University

2/8 David Ehlers (FW Concordia)- Distance- IUPUI

2/8 Ashley Elm (New Prairie)- Distance- Grace College

1/28 Clay Reynolds (Shakamak)- Distance- Indiana State University

1/27 Ellen Flood (Cathedral)- Distance- Georgia Tech University

1/27 Cienna Jordan (Cathedral)- Sprints/LJ/Hurdles- Washington University, St.Louis

1/26 Ashley Burnett (John Glenn)-Distance- Indiana Tech

1/26 Brett Richardson (Franklin Central)- Distance- Purdue Calumet

1/26 Casey Garvey (Lake Central)- Distance- IUPUI

1/25 Cameron Trout (Northview)- Distance- Indiana State University

1/25 Theo Burgwald (Munster)- Distance- Purdue University

1/25 John Tansy (Perry Meridian)- Distance- IUPUI

1/22 Rachel Saylor (New Prairie)- Distance- IUPUI

1/20 Trenton Fanta (Hanover Central)- Throws- Purdue University

1/15 Jessica Zvers (Peru)- Distance- Grace College

1/8 Luke Tucker (Franklin Community)- Distance- Vincennes University

1/5 Ben Savage (Morgan Township)- Distance- IUPUI

12/21 Cameron Clements (FW Carroll)- Distance- Indiana University

12/20 Austin Nolan (FJ Reitz Evansville)- Distance- University of Southern Indiana

12/19 Deric Laurent (New Haven)- Distance- Indiana Wesleyan

12/19 Bobby Corning (Lowell)- Distance- Purdue Calumet

12/17 Matt Wilson (Lowell)- Distance- University of St.Francis (IL)

12/16 Jarit Perkins (Barr-Reeve)- Distance- IUPUI

12/15 Evan Franklin (Bloomington South) – Distance – Vincennes University

12/11 Payton Schatz (Hebron)- Distance- Grace College

12/9 Owen Glogovsky (Warsaw Comm.)- Distance- Lipscomb University

12/9 Wesley Meyer (Rochester Comm.)- Mid Distance- Olivet Nazerene

12/8 Ben Rankin (Columbus North)- Distance- Grace College

12/5 Peyton Kneadler (Twin Lakes)- Distance- Ball State University

12/3 Adam Fields (McCutcheon)- Distance- Indiana Wesleyan University

11/24 Cooper Williams (West Lafayette)- Distance- Indiana University

11/20 Madison Fruchey (FW Carroll)- Distance- IPFW

11/19 Ricky Hendrix (Jennings County)- Distance- Evansville University

11/19 Shelby Pake (Greensburg)- Distance- IUPUI

11/18 Sierra Colvin (Eastbrook)- Distance- Indiana University Kokomo

11/17 Katherine Free (Cathedral)- Distance- Indiana University

11/17 Alli Workman (Bloomfield)- Distance- Indiana State University

11/17 Joshua Ratts (Eastern Pekin)- Distance- University of Southern Indiana

11/14 Stacy Morozov (Carmel) – Distance – Indiana University

11/14 Teddy Browning (Carmel) – Distance – Indiana University

11/14 Ben Veatch – (Carmel) – Distance – Indiana University

11/14 Oliver Rigg (Zionsville) – Mid-Distance – University of Alabama

11/14 Megan Kress (Carmel) – Distance – St. Louis University

11/11 Megan Grabowski (Bloomington South)- Sprints- Indiana University

11/5 Christian Noble (Mt.Vernon)- Distance- Lee University

11/3 Taylor Aeschliman (Lowell)- Distance- Manchester College

10/29 Ezekiel Neihart (Greenwood Comm.)- Distance- Malone University

10/26 Julien Magallanes (Borden)- Distance- University of Louisville

10/26 Tyler Lowhorn (Warren Central)- Distance- University of Southern Indiana

10/26 Brigit Nemitz (Whitko)- Distance- Grace College

10/22 Kyle Collins (Winamac) – Distance – Indiana State University


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