September 9th – Week Four Semi-State Rankings

Brown County Girls

By: Vicky Warzyniak

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Brown County  Boys

By: Steve Mounts


1.  Bloomington North (E) – Cougars once again solidify top spot, winning at Martinsville by 13 pts over #2 CN.  Ryan Nephew and Fergus Arthur had especially strong runs.

2.  Columbus North (E) – can push BHSN to the fullest if one of several #5 candidates can get closer to BHSN’s #5 than the 25-30 second gap existing right now.

3.  Bloomington South (E) – for a team some thought was the state’s #1 team preseason, finishing 3rd at Lafy Harrison might be seen as disastrous, but several silver linings may have appeared here — Peter Voskuil debuted for 2014 in the jv race and had his time been run in the varsity meet, the Panthers easily beat Munster — also BHSS’s #5,6,& 7 runners all had their best races of the season.

4.  Terre Haute South (E) – Griffin Barger is establishing himself as the #2 runner though not as heralded coming in as other sophomores, however the Braves are slipping closer to the #5 spot in the rankings than gaining on the top 3 squads.

5.  North Harrison (+3) – following 3 strong meets in the last 8 days, these Cougars are being re-positioned to where most thought they’d be coming into the year.  NH got revenge on Center Grove at Terre Haute after losing to them at Columbus a week prior.  Top 3 are solid and an emerging freshman could be key at #4.

6.  Floyd Central (E) – finished only 11th at the loaded Mason Ohio meet, but debuted a couple of new mid-18’s guys who could provide much needed depth.

7.  Silver Creek (+3) – Dragons cruised to rather easy wins at Salem and in smaller-school division at Martinsville where top 4 guys all in the 16:40-17:40 range.

8.  South Knox (-2) – times aren’t where some of the other teams are (only 4 SK guys below 19:00 at Thursday’s Hopewell meet, but Spartans seem to be floating along during this non-descript part of the schedule, priming for the bigger meets starting in 2 weeks.

9.  Tell City (E) – narrow loss to North Harrison at the Cougar Classic may suggest Marksmen are closer to NH than 4 spots below.  The continuing of a 3rd freshman’s performance at NH would surely mean an increasing dangerous presence in this semistate.

10. Terre Haute North (-5) – a somewhat flat 9th place performance Saturday on a course obviously very familiar with, the Patriots much like last year are looking for someone to emerge from a fairly deep pack to be a solid #2 runner or they’ll be counting big numbers at the bigger meets.



1.  Anthony Williams (Bloomington South, E) – no longer undefeated, but getting nudged by Cooper Williams doesn’t warrant any rankings drop.

2.  Seth Williams (Columbus North, E) – very nice 12-second win in Artestian Classic over a number of ranked runners

3.  Julian Magallanes (Borden, +2) – hasn’t raced nearly as often so far as in 2013, but an extremely impressive 30-second win at Cougar Classic on Thursday

4.  Daniel Fleace (North Harrison, +2) – very nice 2nd place finish at LaVern Gibson after 2nd on home course and win at Columbus East

5.  Quentin Pierce (Castle, +2) – continues to move up rankings following 3rd place at State Preview after tempo-run at Hopewell on Thursday

6.  Chase Ballard (Columbus North, -3) – moreso a victim of others’ strong runs, he finished 4th at Artesian on Saturday

7.  Fergus Arthur (Bloomington North, +3) – 2 of 3 races this year have been top-5 caliber

8.  Spencer Danielson (Terre Haute South, -4) – don’t give up on him yet, placed 5th at State Preview on Saturday

9.  Ryan Nephew (Bloomington North, +3) – like teammate Arthur, 2 of 3 races this season have been really good

10. Harrison Streib (Bloomington North, -2) – top 3 BHSN guys have bounced back and forth each week so far

11. Evan Franklin (Bloomington South, E) – probably best race so far at Lafayette on Saturday, just hard to move up

12. Brogan Armand (Evansville Harrison, -3) – beat a number of strong Carmel runners at State Preview, but was hoping to see a bit closer to top 3 than 14 secs. – also had jog-through at Hopewell on Thursday

13. Cam Trout (Northview, +3) – edged out Armand at State Preview, one of the bigger individual surprises of the semistate

14. Xavier Martinez (Bloomington South, -1) – nice steady season to date

15. Ben Rankin (Columbus North, -1) – nothing wrong with week’s efforts, just surpassed by Trout above

16. Griffin Tichenor (Bloomington North, +1) – probably best outing of 2014 on Saturday at Martinsville

17. Aaron Pierrard (Perry Central, -2) – did not race

18. Peter Davis (Terre Haute North, E) – 16th at State Preview race

19. Kyle Lewis (Jennings County, +1) – missing from team’s finishers on Saturday

20. Matt Smith (Evansville North, +1) – probably season’s poorest race at State Preview on Saturday, but has had other nice efforts leading up to that

21. Curtis Wetzel (North Harrison, +3) – last 3 races have been strong, backing up Fleace


dropped out:  Nick Firsich (Martinsville, -8)


Carmel Girls

By: Drake Sterling

1 Kelsey Harris Senior Carmel
2 Haley Harris Senior Carmel
3 Alexandra Dalton Sophomore Greenwood
4 Rachel Nichwitz Senior Hamilton Southeastern
5 Taylor Nicholson Sophomore Avon
6 Katherine Free Junior Cathedral
7 Stacey Morozov Junior Carmel
8 Anna Schmitz Senior Carmel
9 Courtney Pfanstiel Senior Hamilton Southeastern
10 Sarah Leinheiser Sophomore Carmel
11 Malyka Abramson Senior Avon
12 Devon Leahy Junior Westfield
13 Abby Crouch Senior Noblesville
14 Madelyn Dalton Freshman Carmel
15 Hope Jones Senior Warren Central
16 Sydney Meyers Senior Zionsville
17 Samantha Mitchell Senior Zionsville
18 Brooke Talhelm Junior Franklin Central
19 Rachel Yuska Senior Guerin Catholic
20 Samantha Woodford Senior Plainfield
1 Carmel
2 Avon
3 Hamilton Southeastern
4 Franklin Central
5 Zionsville
6 Noblesville
7 Center Grove
8 Fishers
9 Westfield
10 Warren Central


Carmel Boys

By: Darryl Stevenson


1. Carmel

2. Brebeuf Jesuit

3. Avon

4. Hamilton Southeastern

5. Fishers

6. Westfield

7. Noblesville

8. Zionsville

9. Lawrence North

10. Greenfield Central



1. Ben Veatch – Carmel

2. Zack Snider – Brebeuf

3. Curtis Eckstein – Oldenburg Academy

4. Griffin Miller – Center Grove

5. Darin Lawrence – Lawrence Central

6. Patrick O’Neil – Cathedral

7. Nick Butler – Fishers

8. Sam Henthorn – Westfield

9. Zachary Leinheiser – Carmel

10. Theodore Browning – Carmel

11. David Coffey – Brebeuf

12. Zach Bishop – Greenfield-Central

13. Jona Odell – Indpls. Ritter

14. Grayson Jenkins – Carmel

15. Matt Sraders – HSE

16. Samuel Voelz – New Palestine

17. Jordan Koczenasz – North Central

18. Jake Kleist – Fishers

19. Aaron Bennett – Westfield

20. Will Anderson – Avon

Honorable Mention (in no order): Thomas Revard – Carmel, Hari Sathyamurthy – Brownsburg, Tyler Lowhorn – Warren Central, Conor Smith – North Central, TJ Jerger – LN, Damon Horn – Warren Central, Rigg – Zionsville, Hunter Smith – Greenwood


New Haven Girls

By: Brett Hess


1.      Penn. This team has yet to race. But it’s not how you run in early September.

2.      Carroll. Chargers win Marion even without one of their Big 3 front-runners. Freshmen fill in nicely at Nos. 4 & 5.

3.      Pendleton Heights. Finished 24 points back of Carroll at Marion for a strong second. As Buck rounds into shape, this team will improve.

4.      Northridge. Raiders had last weekend off.

5.      Huntington North. Hannah Stoffel emerging as a force as Vikings get seventh at Marion.

6.      Columbia City. Where did the Eagles come from? Freshmen carry team to eighth at Marion.



1.      (Awaiting Ms. Rohrer’s return).

2.      Maddie Woods, Penn.

3.      Danielle Frank, Penn.

4.      Tyler Schwartz, DeKalb.

5.      Madison Fruchey, Carroll.

6.      Bailey Beery, Bellmont.

7.      Stacey Metzger, Carroll

8.      Emma Hall, Pendleton Heights

9.      Lindsey Marriott, Leo.

10.   Jenna Halderman, Northfield.

11.   Sierra (Brooke) Moore, Elkhart Memorial.

12.   Madison Distelrath, Homestead.

13.   Aspen Dirr, Prairie Heights.

14.   Kayla Casaletto, Elkhart Central.

15.   Hannah Aschliman, Norwell.

16.   Alex Buck, Pendleton Heights.


New Haven Boys

By: Sean Eberly


  1. Mark Beckmann (12) Dekalb
  2. Cameron Clements (11) FW Carroll
  3. Brayden Law (11) Homestead
  4. Brandon Arnold (12) West Noble
  5. Greg Tippman (12) FW Bishop Dwenger
  6. Roman Jennings (10) FW Snider
  7. Dustin Starnes (10) FW Northrop
  8. Aaron Rush (11) Mt. Vernon (Fortville)
  9. Deric Laurent (11) New Haven
  10. Emmanuel Valentin (12) FW North Side
  11. Parker Jones (10) Pendleton Heights
  12. Bailey McIntire (10) South Adams
  13. Conner Sandt (11) Northridge
  14. Joe Vandiver (11) East Noble
  15. David Ehlers (11) FW Concordia
  16. Trevor Hamilton (12) FW Carroll
  17. Salvador Campos (11) West Noble
  18. Zach Cockrill (12) Wawasee
  19. Gerardo Abad (12) Goshen
  20. Christian Noble (11) Mt. Vernon (Fortville)



  1. FW Carroll
  2. West Noble
  3. Mt. Vernon (Fortville)
  4. Pendleton Heights
  5. FW Concordia
  6. FW Bishop Dwenger
  7. Homestead
  8. Goshen
  9. South Adams
  10. Penn


New Prairie Girls

By: Chuck Heimberg

This past weekend saw five of this weeks ranked teams competing head to head at the Lafayette Harrison Invitational, while two more raced on courses in Illinois who’s distances are suspect, to say the least.


  1. West Lafayette – Winners at Harrison, but not yet the dominate team I expect them to be at seasons end.
  2. Valparaiso – a win in Illinois on a course that was 4585 meters long keeps them in second. The bigger news is that Allison Mundell was seen wearing a boot at the Valparaiso University Invitational Fridaynight, and I’m not talking Uggs.
  3. Warsaw – Winners of their home invitational during the week, the Tigers got the type of performance they were looking for from Anna Craig.
  4. Lake Central – The LC girls came through the finish at Lafayette in a blue blur, snatching places 25 – 29 with a 1-5 gap of 17 seconds. I am still waiting for their front runners to emerge from this pack, but the pack is good enough for now.
  5. Portage – a little better this week, but still not the team I was expecting to see this season. They need to keep moving their pack down to the 20 minute mark.
  6. LaPorte – LaPorte is improving, and Kailee Schoof is finding her form. Improvements are needed at 4-5, but their top 3 put them in the last state spot this week.
  7. Chesterton – Chesterton’s time gap was a little too big on Saturday, with a one minute range. This has to close to be a contender.
  8. New Prairie – Solid through three, but hurting this week at five.
  9. Crown Point – Another short Illinois course at Rich Dust, I am holding off on ranking them higher until I see them on a legit 5k course again.
  10. Rochester – Winners at Manchester, they need two more under 21:00 to have a chance.


  1. Lauren Johnson – West Lafayette
  2. Kristen Johnson – West Lafayette
  3. Madeline Lilly – Twin Lakes
  4. Kailee Schoof – LaPorte
  5. Rachel Bales – West Lafayette
  6. Allison Miller – Warsaw
  7. Logan Ferngren – Valparaiso
  8. Cara Hasser – Benton Central
  9. Kyra Ball – Portage
  10. Nicole Hampshire – Western
  11. Delaney Barber – West Lafayette
  12. Susan Hubbard – West Lafayette
  13. Claire Collins – Winamac
  14. Elena Kipp – Valparaiso
  15. Anna Craig – Warsaw
  16. Jenny Crague – Lake Central
  17. Olivia Winegardner – Maconaquah
  18. Kelsey Tyler – Rochester
  19. Haley Schuck – New Prairie
  20. Marie Didion – LaPorte


New Prairie Boys

By: Brendan Smith

What a weekend can do when everyone is racing.   The water is still a little murky, however the look is finally a bit clearer.  West Lafayette is exactly who we thought they are.  State title contenders.  Munster is the lead dog in a group chasing West Lafayette.  Portage,  Valpo and Lake Central are all in that pack giving chase.   La Porte, Crown Point, Warsaw and Lafayette Jeff are all gaining ground with solid performances this past weekend also.  The Thomas at Lowell this week will be a very attractive meet with many quality NPSS teams racing.  But like I said last week, the list 2-10 will change weekly based on performance now.


1.       West Lafayette

2.       Munster

3.       Portage

4.       Valparaiso

5.       Lake Central

6.       La Porte

7.       Crown Point

8.       Warsaw

9.       Lafayette Jefferson

10.   Chesterton


Honorable Mention:  New Prairie, Kankakee Valley, Winamac, Rochester and Lowell




I have trimmed the individual list down to 25.  And yes, there are probably 5-6 kids who could all make claim to spots 20-25.  However next week the list will drop to 20 and stay that way the rest of the year.


1.       Cooper Williams                               West Lafayette

2.       Joel O’ Shea                                       Wheeler

3.       Jake Cohen                                         West Lafayette

4.       Evan Johnson                                    West Lafayette

5.       Dominic Patascil                                West Lafayette

6.       Tyler Keslin                                         Munster

7.       Matt Marsh                                        Portage

8.       Tommy Martin                                  Portage

9.       Zach Hupp                                           Lake Central

10.   Daniel Dalton                                     Valparaiso

11.   Ryan Kritzer                                        Munster

12.   Emmanuel Lopez                             Munster

13.   Owen Glovesky                                Warsaw

14.   David Kampf                                      New Prairie

15.   Dylan Williams                                   West Lafayette

16.   Byrce Gawronski                              Kankakee Valley

17.   Ethan Sharp                                        Kokomo

18.   Kyle Collins                                         Winamac

19.   Wesley Meyer                                  Rochester

20.   Casey Garring                                    Lake Central

21.   Akis Medrano                                    Benton Central

22.   Daniel Messenger                           Warsaw

23.   Daniel Feltis                                        Lafayette Jefferson

24.   Tyler Hudson                                     Portage

25.   Seth Cousins                                      Caston

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