September 25th – Week Six Semi-State Rankings

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New Prairie Semi State


By: Justin Floyd






1 Ellis Coon 12 Warsaw
2 Anthony Didion 12 Laporte
3 Cooper Williams 10 West Lafayette
4 Brian Blaylock 12 Lowell
5 Matt Grider 12 Western
6 Ari Coloupolous 12 Valparaiso
7 Jeremy Breedlove 12 Kokomo
8 Lewis Duke 12 Eastern (Greentown)
9 Ryan Kritzer 11 Munster
10 Tom Bolanowksi 12 Munster
11 Tylor Hudson 10 Portage
12 Tyler Gray 12 Crown Point
13 Brent Dunn 12 Hobart
14 Ben Savage 10 Morgan Township
15 Evan Johnson 10 West Lafayette
16 Andrew Jankowski 12 Valparaiso
17 Joel O’Shea 10 Wheeler
18 Zach Hupp 10 Lake Central
19 Ryan Kepshire 10 Crown Point
20 Dom Patacsil 11 West Lafayette


1. Valparaiso
2. West Lafayette
3. Crown Point
4. Portage
5. Warsaw
6. Laporte
7.  Munster
8. Lake Central
9. Hobart
10. McCutcheon


When the results from all of the races at New Prairie were combined and even factoring in the absence of Ellis Coon due to illness; there were some major shakeups to this week’s team rankings. Valpo impressed and West Lafayette ran a tempo in the AA race, but Crown Point made the biggest impression along with Portage. Those that looked very vulnerable this weekend were Warsaw, who’s 2-5 all looked a little off of their game, Munster who’s gap to their 3-5 was too large, and Lake Central who had a bit of an off day with their 4 and 5 runners. However even after all of the shakeups and changes to the rankings this week, it is still agonizingly close between the 3rd and 8th team at this point in the season. What I thought would clear up the team picture (New Prairie Invite) has actually clouded it even further.


By: Charles Heimberg

Top 20 Individuals

Finally, a week were all of the top 20 favorites ran on the same course on the same day, divided among three races. Weather conditions seemed fairly even throughout the day, as the cloud cover and strong winds keep things cool all morning. It was pretty apparent from things that were said on the IR message board, as well as watching the Johnson girls laughing at about 3500 meters, that West Lafayette was indeed running controlled. With that in mind, this weeks rankings are based, for the most part, on times from Saturday, with the West Lafayette girls ranked a little higher than their race times. I think their previous marks speak for themselves.

  1. Elena Lancioni – LaPorte – AAA Champion
  2. Kristen Johnson – West Lafayette – 6th AA race
  3. Lauren Johnson – West Lafayette – 7th AA race
  4. Anna Bearss – Rochester – 3rd AA race
  5. Rachel Thompson – New Prairie – 4th AA race
  6. Madeline Lilly – Twin Lakes – 5th AA race
  7. Rachel Bales – West Lafayette – 9th AA race
  8. Delaney Barber – West Lafayette – 12th AA race
  9. Kailey Schoof – LaPorte – 6th AAA race
  10. Megan Zajac – Lake Central – 7th AAA race
  11. Celina Guerrero – Hobart – 8th AAA race
  12. Taryn Thor – Northwestern – 8th AA race
  13. Allison Miller – Warsaw – 11th AAA race
  14. Kayla McGurk – Crown Point – 13th AAA race
  15. Olivia Johnson – Laf. Harrison – 14th AAA race
  16. Sarah Hunsley – Lake Central – 16th AAA race
  17. Alison Mundell – Valparaiso – 17th AAA race
  18. Grace Denton – West Lafayette – 11th AA race
  19. Michaela Gazdich – Valparaiso – 19th AAA race
  20. Kyleigh Werner – South Central – A race Champion

Top Ten Teams
To compile these rankings and the points associated with each team, I combined the results from Saturday of the teams I feel are most likely to reach the New Prairie Semi State on October 26th. For Seeger, the one team who was not at New Prairie, I took their time gaps compared to Chesterton at the Ben Davis Invite to create their expected times. This, I hope, gives us a pretty good picture of where the NPSS teams stand at this point of the season, head to head. I look forward to seeing how this weeks predictions hold up at the end of the season. It will also be interesting to see how these teams stack up this coming weekend at the Culver Invitational, as many of them will square off once again head to head. New Prairie might have been a wake up call for some, and a source of hope for others. Things are getting serious, and the next few weeks will make or break a few teams.

  1. West Lafayette – 61 pts – Even when running a controlled race effort the ladies from West Lafayette are the class of the field. This has been the easiest spot to rank all season, and I don’t expect that to change.
  2. Portage – 131 pts – The Portage pack just keeps on rolling, and it is the strength of the pack that moved them past LaPorte and their front running duo. Portage will be helped by the return of Kyra Ball, possibly at Culver. Even if Ball is just able to join her teammates in the group for the first few races it will make them that much deeper. But if she can return to last years form by the Semi State it will make an even stronger case for Portage to stay ahead of the Slicers of LaPorte.
  3. LaPorte – 140 pts – LaPorte put 38 points on Portage with their 1–2 punch of Lancioni and Schoof, gave back 3 points on 3rd, but lost 43 on 4th and 5th. With Portage potentially closing the gap up front with the return of Ball, LaPorte’s 4th and 5th are going to have to stay close. And Laporte cannot afford any illness or injury to the top 5, as they have to go back to 104th place for their 6th runner. That being said, as long as the Lady Slicers stay healthy I cannot see them staying home in November.
  4. Lake Central – 156 pts – Megan Zajac really runs well at New Prairie, as evidenced by her season best performance on Saturday. The Indians need her leadership, as freshman phenom Sara Ramos seems to be out indefinitely with a leg injury. With Ramos, Lake Central was looking like the team to beat in the DAC. Even without her their depth is keeping them in the hunt for the runner up spot in late October.
  5. New Prairie – 182 pts – The New Prairie ladies out placed Valpo at every spot but 2nd runner, and really showed what a home field advantage they will have in October. Rachel Thompson continues to be a front running threat and that single digit will be one of the keys to a trip to Terre Haute in November.
  6. Crown Point – 212 pts – The Bulldogs made their way into these rankings for the first time this week, led by the strong front running of Kayla McGurk and a much improved Jill Zimmerman. I almost missed Amber Willette, who’s winning time in the Reserve race would put her right with Zimmerman. Lyndie Pierce and Kristen Collins rounded out the top five for Crown Point. This is a team that seemed to struggle last year after a coaching change, but it appears that they are back on track and looking to regain their former place as one of NW Indiana’s elite teams.
  7. Valparaiso – 222 pts – This was Valpo’s first big test of the season and it showed that they are still in search of a strong 4 and 5. Mundell and Gazdich ran well for them up front, but the depth just isn’t there right now. Some expected names for the Vikings still aren’t racing yet, so if they can get those ladies back in the game by tournament time they might be able to make a run at a higher placing. This team has a lot of tradition and a lot of heart and certainly won’t go down without a fight.
  8. Chesterton – 245 pts – Chesterton continues to run as a pack, finishing 36–49–51–52–57, with a 30 second gap. If they are going to make a run at the state finals that pack is going to have to move up in the group, together, by about 20 seconds. Pack racing, when done right, is a beautiful thing to watch. West Lafayette, Portage, and Chesterton all are teams that are stressing racing together, even though they are in different places on the spectrum of success. If Chesterton can keep the faith and move their pack forward they have a shot to join those two teams in Terre Haute.
  9. Twin Lakes – 257 pts – Twin Lakes continues to receive a huge boost from Madeline Lilly, but their 5th runner is holding her own too. The 21:29 Jennifer Rios ran would have put her right with Valparaiso’s 5th runner in the AAA race and was only four seconds behind New Prairies 5th. Twin Lakes has as good a chance as anyone in the 6th through 10th place rankings to be the first team to make their way up to the stage for a ticket to the state finals.
  10. Hobart – 260 pts – I have been wanting to rank Hobart in the top ten since the first week of the season, and this week they have finally given me the performance I needed to see to do it. Their front running tandem of Celena Guerrero and Mindy Whidden are amazing athletes, as anyone who watched the 4 x 800 at the Chesterton Regional or State Finals last spring can tell you. Both times they brought their team from well back to contention with brilliant 3rd and 4th legs. That competitiveness has carried over to the fall, as they are threats in every race they have entered. The good news is that Marina Ahner, Madeleine Leonard and Marisa Porras are improving as we enter October, as they matched up pretty well with Twin Lakes 4–5 on Saturday. With only 48 points separating the 6th place and 10th place teams in these rankings, maybe the Brickies can find some magic next month and make a run at a sixth place finish.


New Haven Semi-State


By: Sean Eberly


  1. FW Carroll
  2. Northridge
  3. West Noble
  4. FW Bishop Dwenger
  5. Homestead
  6. FW Concordia
  7. SB Riley
  8. Huntington North
  9. Goshen
  10. South Adams



  1. Jacob Panning (12) FW Concordia
  2. Brandon Arnold (11) West Noble
  3. Mark Beckmann (10) Dekalb
  4. Jacob Timmons (12) SB Adams
  5. Brayden Law (10) Homestead
  6. Evan Harney (12) Columbia City
  7. Greg Tippmann (11) FW Bishop Dwenger
  8. Cameron Clements (10) FW Carroll
  9. Blake O’Dell (12) Northridge
  10. Josh Neideck (12) Eastbrook
  11. Andrew Timmons (12) SB Adams
  12. Travis Kulczar (11) SB Riley
  13. Sawyer Miller (11) South Adams
  14. Conner Sandt (10) Northridge
  15. Adam Doll (12) Wawasee
  16. Jacob Stamm (10) Seton Catholic
  17. Brad Pyle (11) West Noble
  18. Matt Klein (12) FW Bishop Dwenger
  19. James Bradberry (11) Northridge
  20. Matthew Fahs-Brown (11) Manchester



By: Brett Hess

1. Carroll.
2. Penn.
3. Northridge.
4. Homestead.
5. Pendleton Heights.
6. Fremont.
7. Concordia.
8. Bishop Dwenger.
9. Huntington North.
10. Mishawaka.
1. Bailey Beery, Bellmont.
2. Maddie Woods, Penn.
3. Abby Hostetler, Fremont.
4. Marina Konow, Concordia.
5. Lindsey Marriott, Leo.
6. Danielle Frank, Penn.
7. Jenna Halderman, Northfield.
8. Madison Distelrath, Homestead.
9. Madison Fruchey, Carroll.
10. Samantha Roush, Columbia City.
11. Stacey Metzger, Carroll.
12. Alex Buck, Pendleton Heights.
13. Sierra Moore, Elkhart Memorial.
14. Alexia Zawadzke, East Noble.
15. McKenzie Love, Northridge.
16. Katie Culler, Fremont.
17. Lauren Pottschmidt, Penn.
18. Olivia Golden, Northridge.
19. Hannah Stoffel, Huntington North.
20. Sophie Seward, Eastbrook.


Carmel Semi-State:


By: Darryl Stevenson:


  1. Carmel
  2. Lawrence North
  3. Fishers
  4. Westfield
  5. North Central
  6. Brebeuf Jesuit
  7. Cathedral
  8. Hamilton Southeastern
  9. Avon
  10. Zionsville


  1. Zack Snider – Brebeuf Jesuit
  2. Calvin Kraft – Fishers
  3. Ben Veatch – Carmel
  4. Adam George – Cathedral
  5. Clayton Bowie – Southport
  6. David Dalton – Greenwood
  7. Colin Rinne – Westfield
  8. Patrick O’Neil – Cathedral
  9. James Huffman – North Central
  10. Solomon Rice – North Central
  11. Bobby Browning – Carmel
  12. Jake Hanawalt – Lawrence North
  13. Ben Anderson – Carmel
  14. Drew Barclay – Hamilton Southeastern
  15. Isaiah White – Perry Meridian
  16. Joe Murphy – Lawrence North
  17. Jordan Koczenasz – North Central
  18. Michael George – Carmel
  19. Darin Lawrence – Lawrence Central
  20. Damon Horn – Warren Central



By: Drake Sterling


(Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis)

1. (1) Malyka Abramson – Jr. – Avon
2. (2) Kelcy Welch – Sr. – Carmel
3. (4) Gina Genco – Sr. – Carmel
4. (3) Sarah Billingsley – Sr. – Oldenburg Academy
5. (5) Haley Harris – Jr. – Carmel
6. (6) Kelsey Harris – Jr. – Carmel
7. (7) Rachel Nichwitz – Jr. – Hamilton Southeastern
8. (8) Jessica King – Jr. – Hamilton Southeastern
9. (9) Anna Schmitz – Jr. – Carmel
10. (10) Allie Dalton – Fr. – Greenwood
11. (11) Taylor Nicholson – Fr. – Avon
12. (NR) Stacy Morozov – So. – Carmel
13. (19) Courtney Pfanstiel – Jr. – Hamilton Southeastern
14. (13) Samantha Woodford – Jr. – Plainfield
15. (16) Becca Uebele – Sr. – Zionsville
16. (17) Samantha Mitchell – Jr. – Zionsville
17. (12) Courtney Kerr – Jr. – Avon
18.  (15) Kieran Casey – Sr. – Perry Meridian
19. (NR) Megan Kress – So. – Carmel
20. (20) Samantha Dauby – Sr. – Carmel


1. (1) Carmel
2. (2) Avon
3. (4) Zionsville
4. (3) Hamilton Southeastern
5. (5) Westfield
6. (6) Franklin Central
7. (7) Fishers
8. (8) Noblesville
9. (NR) Center Grove
10. (NR) Greenwood


Brown County Semi-State


By: Steve Mounts

TEAMS [last wk], (proj semistate pts)


1.  Columbus North [1] (41) — not having a normal Seth Williams performance combined with the # of quality runners at FlashRock ahead of CN’s normal #6 allowed BHSS to edge CN on Saturday, but still seeing CN with the slight edge comparing best 5 to best 5


2.  Bloomington South [2] (50) — a very nice performance on Saturday for statewide prominence, no signs of slowing down are evident


3.  Terre Haute South [3] (91) — the non-Bertoli lineup keeps improving, and they’re developing some solid depth


4.  Bloomington North [4] (149) — a rather easy win at South Knox without their full best lineup, depth will allow for an off day here and there without noticing


5.  Seymour [5] (190) — so-so effort at FlashRock without their #1 & #2 in the lineup, they still seem easily in the state finals field at this point.


6.  Martinsville [8] (281) — this spot remains extremely tight and could change weekly – Artesian effort at New Prairie still seemed a little stronger than THN at FlashRock.  Martinsville heavily dependent on each of their top 4 being strong.


7.  Terre Haute North [6] (290) — times seemed a bit off throughout the lineup on Saturday, they could really benefit from 1 or 2 of their top 7 guys separating from the pack as they have lots of good runners but not too many that will be within striking distance of the front group at the big meets


8.  South Knox [9] (299) — would have liked to seen the Spartans a bit closer on their home course to BHSN, but the gap was 30+ spots at each of the #5-7 spots.  Could still reach the top 6 if things align on that one Semistate day, but not seeing as much positive momentum here as several others right now


9. Borden [7] (305) — the pack seems to be catching up to the Braves as Borden’s #5 is falling farther back than 2-3 weeks ago (actually they have a different #5 than previously) and they had somewhat of an off week from #3.  Julien Magallanes is probably as high as they can expect him to score, so it will be crucial that #’s 2-4 hold up and #5 can cut into the gap some.


10. Floyd Central [UNR] (307) – even though not up to 2012 standards yet, the Highlanders return Grant Reynolds to their lineup and Alec Heitz showed a breakthrough performance at Trinity.  Depth still thin however.



dropped out — Castle






  1. Kyle Burks [1] Bloomington South — defeated by teammate on Saturday but has won 3 of 5 head-to-head to date.
  2. Anthony Williams [2] Bloomington South — improving and on the cusp of the #1 spot
  3. Jackson Bertoli [3] Terre Haute South — still one of the state meet favorites upon return
  4. Kaden Eaton [4] Columbus North
  5. Andy Carr [5] Columbus North – defeats teammate above for the first time in 2013
  6. Jarit Perkins [6] Barr-Reeve – a solid margin over 2 guys near below him
  7. Julien Magallens [7] Borden – tight w/Armand here, his better time at Brown Co 2 wks ago gets the edge
  8. Brogan Armand [8] Evansville Harrison — holds here by defeating Tichenor on Saturday
  9. Griffin Tichenor [9] Bloomington North
  10. Evan Franklin [11] Bloomington South — 11 seconds ahead of Stohler on Saturday makes for advancement here
  11. Riley Stohler [10]
  12. Adam Guth [13] Evansville Reitz — consistently good every time out
  13. Chase Ballard [17] Columbus North — dropping times nicely
  14. Seth Williams [12] Columbus North
  15. Michael Keller [UNR] — like Ballard, times are steady yet improving
  16. Nick Firsich [16] Martinsville
  17. Spencer Danielson [18] Terre Haute South — coming back nicely from time off
  18. Andrew Staggs [14] South Knox — big early lead on (4) runners above on Saturday but faded back latter half of race
  19. Daniel Fleace [19] North Harrison — Cougars becoming a team to watch
  20. Jack Tormlehlen [20] Seymour


dropped out — Quentin Pierce (Castle) — actually beat #18 Staggs on Saturday, but multiple questionable times at Princeton, S.Spencer, Alan Hopewell meets which other runners don’t have



By: Vicky Warzyniak:

(Last week’s ranking in parenthesis)

1.    (1)    Mackenzie Caldwell, 12   -Columbus North
2.    (2)    Sierra Lax, 10   -Columbus North
3.    (3)    Kate Raphael, 12   -Bloomington North
4.    (4)    Rachel Brougher, 9   -Columbus North
5.    (5)    Shannon Effron, 12   -Evansville Memorial
6.    (6)    Hannah Welsh, 10   -Jasper
7.    (7)    Lydia Kotowski, 10   -Floyd Central
8.    (NR) Zoey Johnson, 12   -Seymour
9.    (8)    Allison Coffey, 10   -Columbus North
10.  (9)    Alexis Lewandowski, 11   -Bloomington South
11.  (13)  Hannah Sears, 10   -Edgewood
12.  (12)  Ashton Bosler, 11   -North Harrison
13.  (20)  Allie Rolliins, 11   -Evansville North
14.  (10)  Nina Bouthier, 10   -Columbus North
15.  (11)  Devon Zeck, 9   -Terre Haute North
16.  (NR) Cia Greene, 9   -Henryville
17.  (14)  Tara Cassidy, 9   -Jasper
18.  (19)  Veronica Fickel, 11   -Bloomington South
19.  (18)  Lainey Derheimer, 12   -Bloomington South
20.  (NR) Sadie Spears, 12   -Henryville

Honorable Mention:
Mackenzie Crouch, 11   -Silver Creek
Maggie Shields, 11   -Silver Creek

Alex Warzyniak, 12  -Bloomington South:  Preseason #2  Injury: stress reaction/fracture  Current Status: Got ok from Dr. to try light runs & cross train
Sienna Crews, 11   -Heritage Hills:  Preseason #3  Injury: Stress fracture  Current Status:  Cross training

(Last week’s ranking in parenthesis)

1.    (1)   Columbus North-  Flashrock champions!  3 Runner’s in Top 20, all 5 in Top 50.  Since acquiring Columbus North in the Brown Co SS last season, it is no surprise that they would dominate.  With being neighbors to Bloomington, I often wonder what they’re feeding them girls over there:) Led by senior Mackenzie Caldwell who’s been out there setting and resetting course records all over the place.  One of those courses is Brown County, where she recently ran a personal best of 17:40 while winning the Eagle Classic. They now have 5 of their Varsity runners currently ranked in the Top 20 SS, and again, it would be no surprise if all of their Varsity make the list before the end.  With only 1 senior, their domination looks to continue.  Kudos to them for consistently putting out highly respectable, and quality athletes.

2.    (2)   Terre Haute North-  Won their Tri-meet with TH South & West Vigo.  With no low scorer as of now to help in the bigger meets, but getting more consistent and their Top 5 are always trading finishing spots.  Freshman Devon Zeck is starting to show she likes that #1 slot.  This is the team giving Bloomington South their biggest competition for that SS #2.  If their #4 & 5 keep improving, B South may have to settle for 3rd.

3.    (3)   Bloomington South-  After winning their first 2 meets, they lost their #2 spot with finishing 10th@Harrison, 6th@Eagle Classic, & 9th@Flashrock.  Even if they had the low score of injured frontrunner Alex Warzyniak, it would still be the score of their 5th that could hurt them.  But unfortunately, without Warzyniak, it is currently their #4 & #5 that gets counted.  If South get’s improvement in those spots and the return of Alex, they’ll be back in business.

4.    (4)   Floyd Central-  Holding steady at #4.  A young team lead by sophomore Lydia Kotowski who has consistently been in the Top 10 since week 1. Two more sophomores, Kassidy Manning and Madison Barney, two juniors, Melanie Combs and Gabrielle Rodriquez, one lone freshman, Morgan Paul, and senior Zoe Doebbler, make up a pretty awesome team who’s making great strides this year in remaining a top team to contend with at SS.

5.   (5)   Jasper-  This team wasn’t even ranked in the Preseason Top 10 after finishing 15th in last yrs SS.  Lead by sophomore Hannah Welsh, who’s proven herself a great, young leader, and with no doubt will see they finish higher this season.  Freshman Tara Cassidy has been running #2, and senior Sydney Berger is scoring points in the #3.  Two more freshman, Noelle Weyer & Grace Mehringer round out the top 5.  If these ladies keep improving, the teams above better take notice.

6.   (6)   Evansville Memorial-  Proven they have the talent in the past to being ranked as high as #4.  With their consistent #1 senior leader Shannon Effron, and senior Sarah Wargel, a solid #2, they need only their #3-5 to match their efforts and they would be a team giving others worries.

7.   (7)   Bloomington North-  With a new coach, and a new approach, you can just feel all the changes about to occur with this team.  Senior Kate Raphael leads the way and has already set a new PR of 18:34 while running to 6th at the Eagle Classic.  Sophomore Maya Wilson & junior Rivkah Moore are shaping up to be their solid #2 & #3.  If they can get their #4 & 5 to follow suit, there will be no worries of advancement come SS meet time.

8.   (9)   Silver Creek-  I like to think of this team as the little engine that could.  They’re a small school, but have proven themselves huge and worthy of a Top 10 spot.  They have solid leadership from their #1 scorer, junior Mackenzie Crouch.  Also, junior Maggie Shields, and senior Brittany Sharp run a consistent and solid #2 & 3.  They just need to bring along their #4 & 5 to the big girl party and they’re in business!

9.   (8)   Terre Haute South-  Was ranked as high as #4 and has been on the verge of dropping out of Top 10.  It is all depended on who shows up on meet day.  Senior Katie Schmidt has been consistent with running as their #1.  With the talent and success I know this team is capable of, I’m confident with saying that I see another surge coming.

10. (10)  Seymour-  Same as with Terre Haute South, this team has also been on the verge of dropping out.  But with their #1 low scorer, senior Zoey Johnson, back to competing after being injured, things are looking a little brighter.  Having a solid #2 in junior Madison Hays certainly helps too.  If they can put together their solid, consistent #3-5, I wouldn’t count them out either.

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