October 7th – Final Semi-State Rankings

New Prairie Girls

By: Charles Heimberg

Conference weekend has come and gone, and now begins the tournament season. Cold temperatures ripped through Northwest Indiana on Saturday, bringing freezing rain and even snow to some meet venues. The DAC meet was run on what is one of the more challenging courses in the state. The south side of Sunset Hill County Park, which Valpo utilizes for the final two miles, features a number of challenging hills. The Hoosier Conference, in comparison, was run on the pancake flat Rensselaer Central course, while the Northwest Crossroads was run at equally fast Lowell. The ladies of New Prairie had the advantage of running the Northern Lakes conference meet on the semi state course, but will have their string of home meet races broken this coming week at the Chesterton sectional.


  1. West Lafayette – West Lafayette has struggled at four and five more than any time in recent memory the past few weeks. They were easy winners of the Hoosier Conference on Saturday, and won’t be challenged until they line up for the NPSS. While I was leaning toward ranking them third today, one look at my individual predictions shows that once again they are the team to beat.
  2. Valparaiso – Don’t be fooled by the times from the DAC meet, as it was run on one tough course. The good news for Valpo is that Allison Mundell is back in the line up after five weeks off with a stress fracture. While she was only their fifth runner at the DAC, I expect her to race her way back to where she started the season by semi state time.
  3. Warsaw – The Tigers were runners up to Northridge at the Northern Lakes Conference meet. While nothing they did there caused their drop to third, West Lafayette’s front running and Valpo’s increased depth with Mundell make it difficult to keep them number one. It will be interesting to see if the orange and black can prove me wrong.
  4. Lake Central – While Lake Central does not have a low stick NPSS runner at this point, their pack is deadly. How about a nine second gap from their second to sixth runner? As long as they keep doing that, there is no way they are not taking a trip to Terre Haute.
  5. Portage – If you found the blue Indians nine second gap impressive, how about Portage’s five second gap from second to sixth runner? That pack is only six to eleven seconds behind Lake Centrals. Kyra Ball had been sick the Thursday and Friday and it showed on the race course. But if her health returns her ability to be a front runner can turn things around, as long as her teammates find those eight seconds or so per girl to break LC up.
  6. LaPorte – Only one point behind Portage at the DAC, LaPorte’s strength continues to be DAC champion Kaylee Schoof and Marie Didion’s front running. That one point gap will ballon up at the semi state once other runners fill the time between Portage’s 3-4-5 and their own, but it should still be enough to hold onto the last spot in the semi state.
  7. Chesterton – Chesterton just can’t match up against LaPorte at this point. I keep trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I think Chesterton’s chances for a state meet berth have slipped away.
  8. New Prairie – A perfect score of 15 at the Northern State Conference has the Cougars back on track for a run at LaPorte and the final qualifying spot. They run well at home, and three of their four races in October are right out the back door of their locker room. Don’t be surprised to see them rise to the challenge and contend for a spot the last weekend of October.
  9. Crown Point – CP just doesn’t have the fire power to contend for a state finals spot this year, but may be able to head down with freshman Hannah Wylie if she can run with the confidence she showed at Culver.
  10. Munster – Munster replaces Rensselaer Central in the tenth spot this week after their win at the Northwest Crossroads conference meet, held on the quick Lowell course.


  1. Lauren Johnson – West Lafayette
  2. Kristen Johnson – West Lafayette
  3. Kailee Schoof – LaPorte
  4. Logan Ferngren – Valparaiso
  5. Allison Miller – Warsaw
  6. Madeline Lilly – Twin Lakes
  7. Rachel Bales – West Lafayette
  8. Elena Kipp – Valparaiso
  9. Nicole Hampshire – Western
  10. Kelsey Tyler – Rochester
  11. Haley Schuck – New Prairie
  12. Kyra Ball – Portage
  13. Kayleigh Werner – South Central
  14. Allison Mundell – Valparaiso
  15. Hannah Dawson – Warsaw
  16. Anna Hayward – Warsaw
  17. Susan Hubbard – West Lafayette
  18. Adrianna Dague – Caston
  19. Claire Collins – Winamac
  20. Anna Craig – Warsaw

New Prairie Boys

By: Brendan Smith

The tourney has arrived!   October is finally here and put up or shut up time.  Nothing like the threat of elimination to add some pepper to the gumbo!  A little team shake up from this past weekend.  West Lafayette sent the 2nd string and still won and Munster went 1-5 so the top 2 stay put.  On the strength of a 6th man Valpo won the DAC over La Porte with Lake Central closely in 3rd.  Crown Point is on upswing while Portage is down trend.  So this week Crown Point is this last team qualifier.  That shakes the individual side up a bit also.   This Saturday for all the teams and individuals listed is just another day office.  In another week things start to get heated!  Good luck to all the participants this Saturday in the Sectionals!




1.       West Lafayette

2.       Munster

3.       Valparaiso

4.       La Porte

5.       Lake Central

6.       Crown Point

7.       Portage

8.       Lafayette Jefferson

9.       Chesterton

10.   Warsaw


Honorable mention:

New Prairie, Winamac, Lowell, Highland, Kankakee Valley



1.       Cooper Williams                               West Lafayette

2.       Tyler Keslin                                         Munster

3.       Joel O’ Shea                                       Wheeler                              1

4.       Jake Cohen                                         West Lafayette

5.       Mat Marsh                                          Portage                                2

6.       Ryan Kritzer                                        Munster

7.       Evan Johnson                                    West Lafayette

8.       Theo Burgwald                                  Munster

9.       Dominc Patascil                                 West Lafayette

10.   Seth Cousins                                      Caston                                  3

11.   Danny Dalton                                     Valparaiso                    

12.   Ryan Kepshire                                   Crown Point

13.   Akis Medrano                                    Benton Central                 4

14.   Kameroon Knopasek                      Lake Central

15.   Soloman Heffernan                        Rossville                               5

16.   Emmanuel Lopez                                  Munster                       

17.   Nick Zak                                               Hannover Central            6

18.   Matt Mosak                                       Crown Point

19.   Dylan Williams                                   West Lafayette

20.   Zen Zupin                                            Winamac                             7

21.   Zack Hupp                                           Lake Central

22.   Kyle Collins                                         Winamac                             8

23.   Izzy Smith                                            Valparaiso

24.   Jacob Adams                                      Michigan City                     9

25.   Tyler Kramer Stevens                     Lake Central

Individuals without teams continued:

10.  David Kampf                      New Prairie

11. Bryce Gawronski               Kankakee Valley

12. Daniel Feltis                         Lafayette Jefferson

13. Ethan Sharp                         Kokomo

14. Wesley Meyer                   Rochester

15. Matt Fahs-Brown              Manchester

New Haven Girls

By: Brett Hess

The top teams enjoyed embarrassingly easy conference meets. The only concern for these teams will be getting rusty from lack of competition over the next couple of weeks. Are these teams that good or is the competition that bad? Most likely a combination of both.


1.      Carroll. Scores 33 points to win the Northeast Hoosier for the 11th straight year. Chargers put four runners under 19:31. Only the presence of two all-state caliber runners kept Carroll from scoring less than 20 points.

2.      Penn. The firm of Woods, Frank, Woods, Frank & Partners score 18 points in winning the Northern Indiana?

3.      Pendleton Heights. Perfect score behind Alex Buck in winning the Hoosier Heritage.

4.      Northridge. Raiders beat Warsaw, 32-33, in a virtual dual meet for Northern Lakes title.

5.      Huntington North: Hannah Stoffel leads Vikings (22 points) to North Central title.

6.      Homestead. Walther leads Spartans to runner-up in the Northeast Hoosier


1A  (Awaiting Ms. Rohrer’s return).

1B  Maddie Woods, Penn.

2    Brooke Moore, Elkhart Memorial.

3    Tyler Schwartz, DeKalb

4    Madison Fruchey, Carroll (11th at Culver).

5    Stacey Metzger, Carroll (15th at Culver).

6   Lauren Frank, Penn

7   Bailey Beery, Bellmont

8   Emma Jankowski, Penn.

9   Morgan Blyly, Northridge.

10 Kayla Casaletto, Elkhart Christian.

11 Lindsey Marriott, Leo.

12  Riley Welch, Fremont.

13 Hannah Stoffel, Huntington North.

14 Abigail Grider, FW South Side.

15 Krista McCormick, DeKalb

New Haven Boys

By: Sean Eberly


  1. Mark Beckmann (12) Dekalb
  2. Cameron Clements (11) FW Carroll
  3. Brandon Arnold (12) West Noble
  4. Aaron Rush (11) Mt. Vernon (Fortville)
  5. Jacob Schmeling (12) FW Carroll
  6. Travis Kulczar (12) SB Riley
  7. Parker Jones (10) Pendleton Heights
  8. Christian Noble (11) Mt. Vernon (Fortville)
  9. Greg Tippman (12) FW Bishop Dwenger
  10. Jacob Turner (12) SB St. Joseph
  11. Dustin Starnes (10) FW Northrop
  12. Brayden Law (11) Homestead
  13. Joe Vandiver (11) East Noble
  14. Salvador Campos (11) West Noble
  15. Conner Sandt (11) Northridge
  16. Bailey McIntire (10) South Adams
  17. Roman Jennings(10) FW Snider
  18. Trevor Hamilton (12) FW Carroll
  19. Deric Laurent (11) New Haven
  20. Spencer Scholl (11) Homestead


  1. FW Carroll
  2. Mt. Vernon (Fortville)
  3. Pendleton Heights
  4. West Noble
  5. SB Riley
  6. East Noble
  7. Goshen
  8. Homestead
  9. FW Bishop Dwenger
  10. FW Concordia

Carmel Girls

By: Drake Sterling

1. Haley Harris – 12 – Carmel
2. Taylor Nicholson – 10 – Avon
3. Alexandra Dalton – 10 – Greenwood
4. Rachel Nichwitz – 12 – HSE
5. Stacey Morozov – 11 – Carmel
6. Katherine Free – 11 – Cathedral
7. Madelyn Dalton – 9 – Carmel
8. Kelsey Harris – 12 – Carmel
9. Malyka Abramson – 12 – Avon
10. Samantha Woodford – 12 – Plainfield
11. Courtney Kerr – 12 – Avon
12. Courtney Pfanstiel – 12 – HSE
13. Sarah Leinheiser – 11 – Carmel
14. Sydney Meyers – 12 – Zionsville
15. Kelsie Mothersead – 10 – Avon
16. Anna Schmitz – 12 – Carmel
17. Christina Geisler – 10 – Carmel
18. Valerie Clark – 10 – Center Grove
19. Katie Wells – 12 – Warren Central
20. Hope Jones – 12 – Warren Central

1. Carmel
2. Avon
3. Hamilton Southeastern
4. Zionsville
5. Warren Central
6. Noblesville
7. Center Grove
8. Franklin Central
9. Fishers
10. Cathedral

Carmel Boys

By: Darryl Stevenson

Carmel Boys’ Semi-State Rankings 10.6.2014


1. Carmel

2. Brebeuf Jesuit

3. Hamilton Southeastern

4. Avon

5. Fishers

6. North Central

7. Westfield

8. Lawrence North

9. Zionsville

10. Cardinal Ritter



1. Ben Veatch – Carmel

2. Zack Snider – Brebeuf

3. Solomon Rice – North Central

4. Griffin Miller – Center Grove

5. Curtis Eckstein – Oldenburg Academy

6. Patrick O’Neil – Cathedral

7. Matt Sraders – HSE

8. Sam Henthorn – Westfield

9. Will Anderson – Avon

10. Theodore Browning – Carmel

11. David Coffey – Brebeuf

12. Hari Sathyamurthy – Brownsburg

13. Ryan Dvornik – Brebeuf Jesuit

14. Thomas Revard – Carmel

15. Darin Lawrence – Lawrence Central

16. Nick Butler – Fishers

17. Aaron Bennett – Westfield

18. Jona Odell – Indpls. Ritter

19. John Tanst – Perry Meridian

20. Tyler Lowhorn – Warren Central

Honorable Mention (in no order):  Ryan Cash – Zionsville, Zachary Leinheiser – Carmel, Taylor Kleyn – Avon, Trevor Thompson – Fishers, Gabe Fendel – HSE, Bryce Barnett – HSE, Kyle Sams – HSE, Jordan Koczenasz – North Central, Conor Smith – North Central, Ethan Hoeft – Lawrence North

Brown County Boys

By: Steve Mounts

School (change from last wk) [projected semistate meet pts]


1.  Columbus North (E) [48] – appears to be opening up a clear gap over chasers

2.  Bloomington South (+1) [73] – win over BHSN at Monroe County meet vaults Panthers here, though runner-mix at semistate is different than a triangular

3.  Bloomington North (-1) [75] – a return of Nephew and Bentz, and for both to be at early-season form, will be a must for Cougars to re-challenge for positions above

4.  North Harrison (+1) [165] – may now have caught up to THS but still can’t give up too many points at #4-5 spots

5.  Terre Haute South (-1) [168] – still very comfortably in the State advancing zone, and would certainly not be a surprise for Braves to claim 4th based on their depth thru #7

6.  Floyd Central (E) [229] – kind of a blah HHC conference meet for Highlanders and gap between them and the teams looking from outside the key #6 spot shrinks a bit

7.  Tell City (E) [245] – six in the top ten at PAC conference, all with quick times though on an often fast home course

8.  Silver Creek (E) [265] – Coots & Stephens go back and forth as a solid #1-2 punch though depth beyond #5 again looking thin if anyone has an off-day 

9.  Terre Haute North (E) [278] – will be very well-rested heading into post-season

10. Jasper (E) [342] – seems to be running a bit tired, a couple of guys sliding somewhat, they definitely now appear catchable for a top 10 spot for teams #11-15

11. Pekin Eastern (+1) [344] – next several teams, really #10-17, are all very close – Musketeers move up primarily due to CE not running particularly well in Tues & Sat meets

12. Seymour (+2) [348] – a nice showing at HHC beating Columbus East and having medalist in Hauersperger, still almost depth after #4 or 5

13. Evansville Harrison (+2) [356] – depth improving but right now are counting two scores above 100 which must change if Warriors to make a serious bid for better than #10

14. Evansville North (+1) [357] – though #3-5 are definitely improving, Huskies seem to be slipping at #1 while #2 is very unpredictable making them a hard team to figure


dropped out:  Columbus East (-4) not a good week of meets for #2 guy on a team with no depth   Edgewood (-3) also slipping at #2 position in both meets this week



Name, (School, change from last week)



1.  Anthony Williams (Bloomington South, E)

2.  Seth Williams (Columbus North, E)

3.  Daniel Fleace (North Harrison, E)

4.  Chase Ballard (Columbus North, E)

5.  Julian Magallanes (Borden, E)

6.  Spencer Danielson (Terre Haute South, E) 

7.  Evan Franklin (Bloomington South, E) 

8.  Brogan Armand (Evansville Harrison, E)

9.  Fergus Arthur (Bloomington North, E)

10. Quentin Pierce (Castle, +2) 

11. Ben Rankin (Columbus North, E)

12. Griffin Tichenor (Bloomington North, +3) 

13. Harrison Streib (Bloomington South, +1)

14. Cam Trout (Northview, -4) 

15. Xavier Martinez (Bloomington South, -2) 

16. Ben Porter (Columbus North, E) 

17. Peter Davis (Terre Haute North, E) 

18. Kyle Lewis (Jennings County, E) 

19. Aaron Pierrard (Perry Central, E) 

20. Skyler Stidam (Christian Academy of IN, +4)

21. Curtis Wetzel (North Harrison, -1)

22. Noah Hufnagel (Heritage Hills, +1)

23. Joe Wright (Columbus North, +1)

24. Mike White (North Harrison, +1)


dropped out (though right on the cusp) Cameron Stephens (Silver Creek), Alec Heitz (Floyd Central)




SECTIONALS FORECAST  (advancing 5 teams…..top 3 individuals)

#25 – Columbus North, Seymour, Columbus East, Brown County, Southwestern(Shelby)…..S.Williams, Ballard, Rankin

#26 – Terre Haute South, Terre Haute North, Northview, Shakamak, West Vigo…..Danielson, Trout, Davis

#27 – Bloomington South, Bloomington North, Pekin Eastern, Edgewood, Eastern (Greene)…..A.Williams, Franklin, Arthur

#28 – Silver Creek, Madison, Jennings County, Austin, Henryville…..Lewis, Coots, Jacob Hedrick (Henryville)

#29 – North Harrison, Floyd Central, New Albany, Borden, Jeffersonville…..Magallanes, Fleace, White

#30 – Tell City, Jasper, Northeast Dubois, Perry Central, Heritage Hills…..Pierrard, Leo Simpson (Tell City), Hufnagel

#31 – South Knox, Barr-Reeve, Princeton, Gibson Southern, Washington…..Alex Weber (S.Knox), Jarit Perkins (B-R), Justin Niederhaus (Princeton)

#32 – Evansville North, Evansville Harrison, Castle, Evansville Memorial, Evansville Reitz…..Armand, Pierce, Colton Meyer (Reitz)

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