October 1st, 2014 – Week 7 Semi-State Rankings

New Prairie Girls

By: Charles Heimberg

This past weekend was yet another opportunity to see most of the top teams in the semi state compete on the same course at the Culver Invitational. While it was not a particularly fast day, it was a very interesting day of racing.


  1. Warsaw – For the first time in two years there is a new team at the top of the NPSS rankings. Warsaw edged West Lafayette by one point on Saturday on the strength of their 4-5 runners. The Tigers are a team on the rise, and it will be interesting to see if they can hold this spot over the coming weeks.
  2. West Lafayette – This was West Lafayette’s first loss to a NPSS team in a long time. I am not sure what is going on with Delany Barber, but as she goes, so goes WL. Their first three are still far better than any other teams, and if their 4-6 get back on track they will be very difficult to beat. But for this week they are sitting in the bridesmaid spot.
  3. Lake Central – The Indians former front runners are beginning to emerge, which makes them a very tough team to bet against in October. It may be too late to challenge for the semi state win, but their place on the podium seems secure.
  4. Valparaiso – The Vikings sat their top four at the Palatine Invitational over in Illinois, but they still move up a spot after New Prairie’s poor showing at Culver.
  5. Portage – Also moving up a spot this week is Portage, after finishing comfortably ahead of the rest of this group on Saturday.
  6. LaPorte – LaPorte grabs the last qualifying spot this week, having finished 92 points ahead of 7th place Chesterton on Saturday.
  7. Chesterton – The Lady Trojans are creeping up on the teams in front of them. It will be interesting to see if they can make a big push as we roll into October.
  8. Crown Point – The Bulldogs got a big boost from freshman Hannah Wylie, who showed that she is the real deal at Culver. Even without the services of Jill Zimmerman, who is out with a stress fracture, they were only ten points behind Chesterton.
  9. New Praire – It was a tough day for the Cougars at Culver, but every team has a rough race during the season. Once they get back on their home course for the regional and semi state I expect to see them in the hunt once again.
  10. Rensselaer Central – While I haven’t found results for Rensselaer from this past Saturday, no one else did anything at Culver that makes me think the Bombers who raced well at New Prairie can’t be a top ten team at the semi state.


  1. Lauren Johnson – West Lafayette
  2. Kristen Johnson – West Lafayette
  3. Allison Miller – Warsaw
  4. Logan Ferngren – Valparaiso
  5. Madeline Lilly – Twin Lakes
  6. Rachel Bales – West Lafayette
  7. Hannah Wylie – Crown Point
  8. Kailee Schoof – LaPorte
  9. Claire Collins – Winamac
  10. Hannah Dawson – Warsaw
  11. Anna Hayward – Warsaw
  12. Kyra Ball – Portage
  13. Brooke Rhodes – Warsaw
  14. Elena Kipp – Valparaiso
  15. Jenny Crague – Lake Central
  16. Kayleigh Werner – South Central
  17. Adrianna Dague – Caston
  18. Anna Craig – Warsaw
  19. Kelsey Tyler – Rochester
  20. Sarah Hunsley – Lake Central

New Prairie Boys

By: Brendan Smith

Not much movement this week based on Culver.  All teams are a week out from their own conference meets so most if not all high level programs are grinding out mileage and workouts at a high clip still.  I think Crown Point is the only team that made a substantial move this week.  They have separated themselves from the 7-12 teams and have now are positioned to make it a solid 7 team race.   The DAC this week will be a great race with as many as 5 teams that can win.   It’s on the Valpo course at Sunset Hill so that will be a great equalizer.  Difficult course that will yield very slow 5K times.  Thank God the post season has arrived!!!!!!!!




1.       West Lafayette

2.       Munster

3.       Lake Central

4.       Portage

5.       Valparaiso

6.       La Porte

7.       Crown Point

8.       Chesterton

9.       Lafayette Jeff

10.   Warsaw


Honorable mention:  New Prairie, Winamac, Kankakee Valley, Highland, Andrean




1.       Cooper Williams                               West Lafayette

2.       Tyler Keslin                                         Munster

3.       Joel O’Shea                                        Wheeler                              1

4.       Jake Cohen                                         West Lafayette

5.       Mat Marsh                                          Portage

6.       Ryan Kritzer                                        Munster

7.       Evan Johnson                                    West Lafayette

8.       Theo Burgwald                                  Munster

9.       Dominic Patascil                                West Lafayette

10.   Seth Cousins                                      Caston                                  2

11.   Kyle Collins                                         Winamac                             3

12.   Zach Hupp                                           Lake Central

13.   Soloman Heffernan                        Rossville                               4

14.   Danny Dalton                                     Valparaiso

15.   Kemeroon Konopasek                   Lake Central

16.   Nick Zak                                               Hanover Central               5

17.   Emmaunal Lopez                              Munster

18.   Akis Medrano                                    Benton Central                 6

19.   Sam Miller                                           La Porte

20.   Dylan Williams                                   West Lafayette

21.   Tyler Kramer-Stephens                 Lake Central

22.   Izzy Smith                                            Valparaiso

23.   Matt Mosak                                       Crown Point                       7

24.   Owen Glovosky                                Warsaw                                8

25.   Tommy Martin                                  Portage


Individuals without a top 6 team continued:

9.  Ryan Kepshire                             Crown Point

10.  Ethan Sharp                                Kokomo

11.  Bryce Gawronski                      Kankakee Valley

12.  Matt Fahs-Brown                     Manchester

13.  Zen Zupin                                    Winamac

14.  David Kampf                              New Prairie

15. Daniel Feltis                                 Lafayette Jeff

New Haven Girls

By: Brett Hess


1.      Carroll. Awesome through 4, Chargers eclipse Penn at Culver. This is setting up to be an epic battle at semi-state. How will Carroll’s freshmen (runners 5&6) improve by then?

2.      Penn. Went to Culver gunning for Carmel and got beat by Carroll. They are already plotting revenge.

3.      Pendleton Heights. Clearly locking down the three spot after placing second to Bloomington South at New Haven.

4.      Northridge. Raiders get great experience for the post-season at Culver.

5.      Huntington North: Vikings return to the rankings with a third-place finish at New Haven.

6.      Homestead. Only two points behind Huntington North at New Haven.

7.      Oak Hill. Five points behind Homestead at New Haven.



1A  (Awaiting Ms. Rohrer’s return).

1B  Maddie Woods, Penn (Dominates star-studded field at Culver).

2    Brooke Moore, Elkhart Memorial (18:15 to win at New Haven).

3    Madison Fruchey, Carroll (11th at Culver).

4    Stacey Metzger, Carroll (15th at Culver).

5    Emma Jankowski, Penn.

6    Bailey Beery, Bellmont.

7    Morgan Blyly, Northridge.

8    Kayla Casaletto, Elkhart Christian.

9    Lindsey Marriott, Leo.

10  Tyler Schwartz, DeKalb.

11  Alison Thomas, Carroll.

12  Lauren Frank, Penn.

13  Aspen Dirr, Prairie Heights.

14  Hannah Stoffel, Huntington North.

15  Hannah Aschliman, Norwell.

16  Shallen Lenhart, Oak Hill.

New Haven Boys

By: Sean Eberly


  1. Mark Beckmann (12) Dekalb
  2. Cameron Clements (11) FW Carroll
  3. Brandon Arnold (12) West Noble
  4. Jacob Schmeling (12) FW Carroll
  5. Christian Noble (11) Mt. Vernon (Fortville)
  6. Jacob Turner (12) SB St. Joseph
  7. Brayden Law (11) Homestead
  8. Aaron Rush (11) Mt. Vernon (Fortville)
  9. Greg Tippman (12) FW Bishop Dwenger
  10. Travis Kulczar (12) SB Riley
  11. Trevor Hamilton (12) FW Carroll
  12. David Ehlers (11) FW Concordia
  13. Spencer Scholl (11) Homestead
  14. Bailey McIntire (10) South Adams
  15. Parker Jones (10) Pendleton Heights
  16. Deric Laurent (11) New Haven
  17. Joe Vandiver (11) East Noble
  18. Shawn Graves (12) Goshen
  19. Dustin Starnes (10) FW Northrop
  20. Gerardo Abad (12) Goshen


  1. FW Carroll
  2. Mt. Vernon
  3. West Noble
  4. Pendleton Heights
  5. Homestead
  6. FW Concordia
  7. Goshen
  8. East Noble
  9. FW Bishop Dwenger
  10. South Adams

Carmel Girls

By: Drake Sterling

1. Haley Harris – 12 – Carmel
2. Taylor Nicholson – 10 – Avon
3. Alexandra Dalton – 10 – Greenwood
4. Rachel Nichwitz – 12 – HSE
5. Stacey Morozov – 11 – Carmel
6. Katherine  Free – 11 – Cathedral
7. Madelyn Dalton – 9 – Carmel
8. Kelsey Harris – 12 – Carmel
9. Malyka Abramson – 12 – Avon
10. Courtney Pfanstiel – 12 – HSE
11. Samantha Woodford – 12 – Plainfield
12. Courtney Kerr – 12 – Avon
13. Sarah Leinheiser – 11 – Carmel
14. Kelsie Mothersead – 10 – Avon
15. Devon Leahy – 11 – Westfield
16. Anna Schmitz – 12 – Carmel
17. Christina Geisler – 10 – Carmel
18. Valerie Clark – 10 – Center Grove
19. Katie Wells – 12 – Warren Central
20. Samantha Mitchell – 11 – Zionsville

1. Carmel
2. Avon
3. Hamilton Southeastern
4. Zionsville
5. Noblesville
6. Warren Central
7. Franklin Central
8. Center Grove
9. Cathedral
10. Westfield

Carmel Boys

By: Darryl Stevenson

Carmel Boys’ Semi-State Rankings 9.29.2014


1. Carmel

2. Brebeuf Jesuit

3. Avon

4. Hamilton Southeastern

5. North Central

6. Westfield

7. Fishers

8. Zionsville

9. Lawrence North

10. Noblesville



1. Ben Veatch – Carmel

2. Zack Snider – Brebeuf

3. Solomon Rice – North Central

4. Griffin Miller – Center Grove

5. Curtis Eckstein – Oldenburg Academy

6. Patrick O’Neil – Cathedral

7. Tyler Lowhorn – Warren Central

8. Darin Lawrence – Lawrence Central

9. Will Anderson – Avon

10. Theodore Browning – Carmel

11. Ryan Cash – Zionsville

12. Thomas Revard – Carmel

13. David Coffey – Brebeuf

14. Sam Henthorn – Westfield

15. Ryan Dvornik – Brebeuf Jesuit

16. Jona Odell – Indpls. Ritter

17. Matt Sraders – HSE

18. Hari Sathyamurthy – Brownsburg

19. Conor Smith – North Central

20. Zachary Leinheiser – Carmel

Honorable Mention (in no order): Jordan Koczenasz – North Central, Nick Butler – Fishers, Ethan Hoeft – Lawrence North, Matt Everling – Avon, Zach Bishop – Greenfield-Central, Alec Hartman – Westfield, Samuel Voelz – New Palestine, Alec Scheerer – Avon, TJ Jerger – LN, Damon Horn – Warren Central

Brown County Boys

By: Steve Mounts

School (change from last wk) [projected semistate meet pts]


1.  Columbus North (E) [51] – Culver Invite confirmed what many had felt for a few weeks that CN, despite earlier-season head-to-head losses to BHSN has now moved past the Cougars, as North struggles to field a full healthy lineup.  CN is running extremely well right now and is being mentioned as a true state title contender {recent — 3rd in Culver Elite division, beaten by only W.Lafayette from Indiana, victorious over Carroll and Munster}

2.  Bloomington North (E) [62] – Nephew has been absent last 3 races, Bentz missing last 2 meets, Streib not as effective as first weeks of the season, Woelmer & Smith in-and-out of lineup, BHSN doesn’t have the depth to overcome multiple people out {recent — 7th in Culver Elite division, still topped Indpls Ritter & Lake Central}

3.  Bloomington South (E) [70] – Panthers right on the verge of overtaking 2nd as A.Williams & Franklin are really rounding into top form and Benton has really come on of late.  With apparently now-healthy Voskuil BHSS is becoming very very good again. {recent — won big-school division at New Haven over Fishers & Noblesville}

4.  Terre Haute South (E) [158] – continuing the pattern of one team trending up, then one team trending down, the Braves aren’t seeming to muster much positive momentum.  They’ve lost to the team below them here 2x in a row, and only a bit better depth projected over a semistate meet with a full lineup is keeping them above NH. {recent — 4th at Ted Fox Invite missing their #1 guy} 

5.  North Harrison (E) [173] – Fleace now separating himself from many below him in the individ rankings, and White definitely coming on – if one more guy from #4-7 can drop 15-20 secs they’ll catch THS as NH appears to be ahead on THS about 25 pts thru #3 guy but loses 40 pts on the #4-5 positions in the BCSS mix. {recent — 2nd to Avon at Ted Fox Invite}

6.  Floyd Central (E) [214] – Highlanders floating along looking very consistent this year as opposed to last years’ ups and downs, Heitz is looking strong and better addtional depth with Murphy, Owings, & Pierce is developing outside the top-tier {6th at Ted Fox Invite while resting their #2 guy behind Indpls Roncalli}

7.  Tell City (E) [235] – Three freshmen under 17:00 at Bedford on Saturday keep the Marksmen looking impressive – they’ll definitely be in position to seize that last state spot if one of the 3 teams above them has an off-day at Brown Co in October {3rd at Ted Fox Invite}

8.  Silver Creek (+1) [260] – with the return of Westfall and Davidson bolstering up the #5 man slot, Dragons re-take the 8th ranking spot they dropped from last week. {recent — 1st at Dragon Invit and 1st at Madison Courier Invit} 

9.  Terre Haute North (-1) [272] – not a bad showing for THN at Culver on Saturday, actually some very promising showings from Mascari, Carter, Burchyett and the bottom of their top 7 {recent — 2nd in Culver Open division defeating FW Snider & Chesterton}

10. Jasper (E) [300] – Kdidn’t race Saturday after winning at Barr-Reeve on Tuesday, Wildcats won’t face any more of the top ranked teams this year – they need their #3 guy Knies to return to early-season form after now missing last 2 meets

11. Columbus East (E) [324] – Olympians hold steady with a fairly good showing at Bedford over the weekend, their top 5 is solidifying but there’s not a whole lot here after their 5th guy

12. Pekin Eastern (E) [334] – an easy win at Paoli Invite on Thursday and did not race on Saturday – the Musketeers have next to no chance of moving up much here due to big dropoff after #3 man, but still one of those feel-good stories for a school of less than 500 students and an 11-man roster that includes 8 freshmen.

13. Edgewood (+2) [342] – Mustangs sneaking back to where some thought they’d be preseason, Weller, Michael, & Kovach have made leaps and bounds improvement over the last 2-3 weeks and this is not looking like a 2-man team anymore.



Name, (School, change from last week)



1.  Anthony Williams (Bloomington South, E)

2.  Seth Williams (Columbus North, E)

3.  Daniel Fleace (North Harrison, E)

4.  Chase Ballard (Columbus North, +1)

5.  Julian Magallanes (Borden, -1)

6.  Spencer Danielson (Terre Haute South, E) 

7.  Evan Franklin (Bloomington South, E) 

8.  Brogan Armand (Evansville Harrison, +2)

9.  Fergus Arthur (Bloomington North, +1)

10. Cam Trout (Northview, +2) 

11. Ben Rankin (Columbus North, +2)

12. Quentin Pierce (Castle, -3) 

13. Xavier Martinez (Bloomington South, +2)

14. Harrison Streib (Bloomington North, E) 

15. Griffin Tichenor (Bloomington North, +3) 

16. Ben Porter (Columbus North, +1) 

17. Peter Davis (Terre Haute North, -1) 

18. Kyle Lewis (Jennings County, +2) 

19. Aaron Pierrard (Perry Central, E) 

20. Curtis Wetzel (North Harrison, +1)

21. Cameron Stephens (Silver Creek, +2)

22. Alec Heitz (Floyd Central, +2)

23. Noah Hufnagel (Heritage Hills, +3)

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