New Small School Rankings!

Week 4 Small School Rankings

By: Coach Cash

May 2nd, 2012


Churubusco's Alex Zolman and Kanakee Valley's Leanne Mulloy


Boys 3a
  1. Brebeuf
  2. Wawasee
  3. Fairfield
  4. Guerin
  5. West Lafayette
  6. Andrean
  7. SB St Joseph’s
  8. Mt. Vernon (Fortville)
  9. Dwenger
  10. Gibson Southern
  11. Rushville
  12. Leo
  13. Whitko
  14. Hamilton Heights
  15. Tri West
  16. Greencastle
  17. Jimtown
  18. Lakeland
  19. Angola
  20. West Noble
Boys 2a
1. Oak Hill
2. Eastern (Greentown)
3. Churubusco
4. Ritter
5. Winamac
6. Westview
7. Wheeler
8. Lapel
9. Bowman Academy
10. Linton-Stockton
11. Prairie Heights
12. Bremen
13. Park Tudor
14. Cambridge City Lincoln
15. Forest Park
16. Tipton
17. Heritage Christian
18. Manchester
 Boys 1a
  1. Tri-County
  2. Northeast Dubois
  3. Union (Modoc)
  4. Kouts
  5. North White
  6. Morgan Township
  7. Wes-Del
  8. Pioneer
  9. Clay City
  10. Springs Valley
  11. Shakamak
Girls 3a
  1. Chatard
  2. Fairfield
  3. Concordia
  4. Brebeuf
  5. Bellmont
  6. SB St. Joseph’s
  7. West Lafayette
  8. Indian Creek
  9. Mt. Vernon
  10. Edgewood
  11. Northwestern
  12. Batesville
  13. Brown County
  14. Guerin
  15. Greencastle
  16. Norwell
  17. Madison
  18. Hamilton Heights
  19. Garrett
  20. Gibson Southern
 Girls 2a
  1. Eastern (Greentown)
  2. Westview
  3. Winamac
  4. Wheeler
  5. Covenant Christian
  6. Bowman Academy
  7. Oak Hill
  8. South Knox
  9. Forest Park
  10. Ritter
  11. Eastern Hancock
  12. Lapel
  13. Churubusco
  14. Switzerland County
  15. Manchester
  16. North Judson San-Pierre
 Girls 1a
  1. Oldenburg Academy
  2. West Central
  3. Tri-County
  4. Northeast Dubois
  5. Springs Valley
  6. South Central (Union Mills)
  7. Morgan Township
  8. Shakamak
  9. Kouts
  10. Wes-Del
  11. North Vermillion
  12. Rossville

14 responses to “New Small School Rankings!”

  1. Dale Martin says:

    Why would you put Oak Hill above Eastern? Eastern beat Oak Hill in a meet they ran against each other.

  2. dylan says:

    Why would rossville boys not be in the rankings we creamed north white in our meet we had

    • Cash says:

      Rossville does not submit results. They were ranked at one point, just after the indoor season. What’s the point of running the meet if you aren’t going to publish the results?

  3. Chase says:

    I bet if Churubusco had a distance squad they would be number 1 in 2a guys..

    • dsterling says:

      That’s easy to say when these rankings came out on the 2nd and the Conference Meet wasn’t until 3 days later. Was Cash supposed to go into the future and see North White getting beat by West Central? Really…cut him a break.

  4. Polo says:

    North White has no business in any ranking. 1a West Central clobbered them at conference

  5. Oldfart says:

    Can someone please do their job and review some statistics. Then ask yourself why Forest Park is 15th.

    • dsterling says:

      Who are they better than that is ranked above them? Park Tudor? No. Bremen? No. Linton-Stockton? No. Prairie Heights? No. The only team I dont know much about is Cambridge City…MAYBE they are better than them.

  6. South Central, Union Mills says:


    South Central Junior-Senior High School has not lost one meet. How do they move down this Ranking?

  7. Aaron Lewis says:

    where is gary wallace?

  8. PCCguy says:

    Were is Hebron? Boys or Girls 2a?!?

  9. mph65 says:

    If your school is missing and you think they should be ranked, check to see if any results are being posted for them, if not then get on your coach to post them or get them to you to post. That’s the only way Coach Cash is going to see some results since many small papers, even if they do publish result, don’t have an online version to read.

  10. ryan kritzer says:

    munster beat andrean

  11. Rick says:

    Gary schools never post their results. You won’t see them here.